By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Rainbow Factory
Rainbow Factory
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Unknown universe


Dash (formerly), S.C.P





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Bloody Rainbows

The Rainbow Factory is a type of secret facility, like the S.C.P Foundation, where it was once taken down for its horrific acts on production. The main boss is Dash, who has been given the job by her father, especially after her accident involving the place. This workplace has been around for a long time and was shut down for many years, but, much like the S.C.P, has suddenly been started up again thanks to Dash.


At first glance, the facility doesn't seen to be anymore threatening them many other public places, thanks to its manufacturing of colors and rainbows, but it's the source that made it close down. You see, how they get their colors is that they gather up and kill different people and animals, drain their blood, and their blood is altered to appear to be colors for the rainbows. The act was for those people who didn't go up to standards, and for those who knew too much about the place (who don't work there). Recently, the place has gotten a new administrator, named Grizz. Since his production stopped working, he and Dash decided to let him in since he's good at taking control. Also during this, the S.C.P uses the manufacturing to help color their own creations to make them more menacing.


The factory all started with Dash's father, whom taught Dash many things on the Factory. Her father had planned it to go to Dash, and it only fueled it further when Dash became "Rainbow Dash" due to her life-changing accident in the same place. As time went on, Dash at a point took control when her dad retired early. Not long afterwards her factory was taken down, but after many months of inactivity, she decided to start it up again in secret and now it became the property of the S.C.P.

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