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Raiding The Camp
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The White Lotus Returns



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Prillin101, Skybender101, Toph Lover , The Ultimate Waterbender

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25 April 2011

This is part of the five chapter fanon created by Prillin 101; this is chapter 2.

Zuko Arrives

After the night sleep, Iroh told the members of the Order ended, Bumi and Pakku got in an intense conversation. Pakku said, "We need more than Zuko and a Fire Nation elite squadron. We need a whole army!" Bumi replied, "That would get more people killed than needed. Zuko is the Fire Lord with him and a group of Fire Nations I think we could win." Pakku angrily said, "There are not enough people; we do have great benders but only one hundred or so at our disposal! I say that you send your forces from Omashu to come assist us in this war!" Bumi offendedly replied, "I will not compromise the safety of Omashu's citizens over a war that we are already going to win!" Before Pakku could say anything Iroh butted in, "Pakku, Bumi, that is enough. Pakku, let me tell you something, If one man was a very skillful Earthbender than he could defeat thirty average Earthbenders. Strength is in skill not numbers, if you have enough skill you can overcome anything." Pakku nodded and walked to his tent to gather some things.

Iroh turned and saw a Fire Nation war balloon flying towards the campsite. Many members of the Order exclaimed at the thought that Zuko arrived. Behind him a second war balloon entered and it was carrying five Fire Nation troops in heavy armor. Iroh thought that they must be the elite squadron. The war balloons landed and Zuko and the squad exited the balloons. A second after they landed the campsite was filled with yelling and everyone stomping and stepping, it was pure chaos.

Iroh yelled over the sounds raining through the camp, "Silence! Everyone quit yelling or you will be prohibited from talking with Zuko or the members of the White Lotus!" At this point all that could be heard was the sound of the water clashing into the rocks and Koala Sheep stepping and rolling in there sleep. Iroh said, "Now that Zuko is here we are going to take the offensive, I spent Fat to go spy on them and he heard that another warship is coming. So using the balloons Zuko brought we're going to fly into the ship and compromise its vital points crashing it into the sea. Now the people that will be coming are Piandao, Zuko, the elite squardron, and me. Sorry Bumi and Pakku its just that Bumi can't Earthbend in the air and Pakku doesn't know how to draw water from the air." Zuko then stepped onto the stage to say something. Iroh whispered something to Zuko and Zuko announced to the crowd, "As Iroh has just told me, the ship will be coming at noon. So I say we take the balloons half an hour before noon to the beach, then as it flies towards the enemy we fly the balloons onto the dock and hit its vital points from their." The crowd mumbled in agreement. Zuko exclaimed, "Then let's go!"

Attacking the Warship

The group readied their assault on the warship on the beach. After a few minutes the war balloons were soaring through the air to raid the warship. Zuko torched the Earthbenders who were defenseless since they had no rocks. But after Zuko torched the guards a Lockaber Axe cut right through his balloon. Zuko and Iroh jumped to the sidewalk. Before the same thing would happen to Piandao and the elite squad they jumped to the sidewalk. Piandao raced towards the owner of the Lockaber Axe and kicked him off the sidewalk of the ship into the Sea. The elite squad lead the way into the Warship. An enemy soldier tried to attack them but one of the squad members just elbowed him unconscious. Iroh and the others reached the fueling area. They saw many engineers working the forges. Iroh created a huge fireball to throw at the forges. He threw them at all the forges, they all exploded killing the engineers. Right when this happened three whole squads of men equipped Hook Swords and Lockaber Axes attacked the group. Iroh punched one in the face and threw him into the raging fire of the fueling area. The Warship shifted forward and started falling. They were going to escape when one of the elite soldiers of the group was hit with a Lockaber Axe and killed. Zuko saw this and blasted the killers face with fire.

Iroh yelled over the falling ship, "We have to go now!" Piandao replied, "In case you haven't noticed, we can't!" Iroh yelled," Just jump." Followed by Iroh jumping through the hole in the Fueling Area he made. All the others followed Iroh's orders thinking this was suicide. But somehow at the exact right timing one of the abandoned war balloons caught the group. The group recovered from nearly committing suicide and Iroh began to pilot the balloon. Iroh safely took the balloon back to the campsite without being seen by General Lee's troops. When they arrived at the campsite Iroh took the stage.

Iroh announced, "We took down the Warship with one fatality, he was one of the elite squadron members. He sacrificed himself for a greater cause. A moment of silence if you please." An unusual silence swept the land, one minute, then two minutes, then finally three minutes passed by and then Iroh spoke up, "That should do it! Okay now that we finally took the offensive our attack power has been finally shown! General Lee should fear us now." The Order cheered in delight, sound burst through the camp.

The Final Battle

General Lee told Captain Yusobe, "Yusobe, tell me again! Who crashed that Warship with our new supplies!" Captain Yusobe told Lee in a frightened voice, "Their uniforms looked like the Order of the White Lotus's uniforms. There was also Fire Lord Zuko and a group of Firebenders according to the one survivor." General Lee yelled at Captain Yusobe, "Send all our spies and patrols to patrol the cliffs. We need to find and kill them, I will have these islands for I am the Earth Overlord! Like the name, I created it." The captain replied, "Yes my lord, and I also like the name." The captain left the room to tell the other men.

Captain Yusobe told all the spies and patrols to report outside the Warships. When they got there the captain announced, "We are going to try and find the enemy camp. If you find it report back with the location, failure to tell the location if you find it will end in execution. Got it, now lets go men move out." The soldiers disappeared one by one to look for the enemy camp.

One of the spies, named Picconsin, wandered aimlessly in search of the camp. He sees smoke coming from the tip of the cliff, he runs in stealth behind a pile of rocks and sees the Order. He studies their daily actions and puts them in a journal so the may have the element of surprise when attacking. Piccosin secretly crawled away to his base.

When he arrived Captain Yusobe, "Unless you found the enemy camp you better have an explanation for coming back early!" Picconsin replied happily, "Even better, I found their camp and recorded the daily actions in this journal so we can have the element of surprise when attacking." Yusobe grinned and told Picconsin, "General Lee will be satisfied, you will be promoted to the Head of the Spy Department! Good day sir."

Captain Yusobe took off to General Lee's private chamber and told Lee, "The spy Picconsin has found there location and daily actions in this journal. I have promoted him to Head of the Spy Department. Now we have the element of surprise when attacking." General Lee smiled an evil smile and said to Yusobe, "This is good, hand me the book." Yusobe handed him the book and Lee opened it. He said, "We will attack at noon, that is when most of them is on patrol. Ready my troops, we're going to attack!"

Yusobe readied the soldiers one hour before noon. General Lee stepped out of his chamber in Earth Kingdom armor. He told his troops, "We need to be very quiet or we will lose the element of surprise. Now lets go!" General Lee and Captain Yusobe lead the way to attack the Order.

Luckily in the Order Bumi agitated a flock of seagulls and they started divebombing him. His Earthbending needed to be precise to hit them, the Order laughed greatly as they watched him get pecked by Seagulls. But when General Lee arrived he didn't are to check if they were there and attacked, but he soon noticed when he charged that there was a hold up with Bumi being attacked by Seagulls. He was going to call fallback when he saw one of his troops being killed by Piandao's sword and decided to stay and fight.

He launched into action by kicking a boulder at two White Lotus members. Piandao jumped straight in the air and cut a mans stomach fatally injuring him. Iroh blasted an area where many invaders were. Bumi made many pillars shoot out of the ground hitting the invaders. Pakku wistfully froze twenty invaders. General Lee saw his side losing and attacked Bumi. Bumi shot hundreds of pebbles at his face but Lee used a rock wall to block them. He made a pillar shoot out of the ground hitting Bumi straight in the chest. Bumi recovered and shot a barrage of giant boulders at Lee, Lee could only block a few but was quickly overwhelmed. Bumi saw this opening and dropped a huge pile of rubble on him. This was a bad idea because Lee shot all the rubble at Bumi injuring him and rendering him unusable.

Lee then turned and saw Piandao slashing his sword through three of his mens chest then double jaw kicking another soldier. General Lee saw him as a major offender and attacked him. He first chucked a pebble at his forehead. Piandao turned around and tried to slash Lee. Lee dodged and said, "Your puny little sword may work on my soldiers, but it doesn't on me." He followed this sentence with a punch to the jaw nocking out Piandao. Iroh saw this and burst into action.

Iroh blasted fire at General Lee, Lee dodged it and made a pit around Iroh then turned it into an Earth Whirlpool. Iroh used his fire to get out then made a fireball and threw it at Lee. Lee shot a giant rock at it going right through it and hitting Iroh. Iroh courageously made an imitation of a dragon out of fire and shot it at Lee. This hit Lee square in the chest. Lee was angered at this and shot two pillars at Iroh, one on each side of him and started to crush him.

Then Zuko came to the rescue by disrupting Lee's concentration by throwing a fireball at him. Lee was hit in the leg and was hurt. He finally got up and Iroh was freed by Zuko. Zuko said, "You're outskilled and outnumbered. Give up or die!" Lee replied feverishly, "I never give up, ha." Lee shot a gigantic boulder at Iroh and Zuko to distract them and escape to a Warship with Captain Yurobe and Head Piccosin. His troops yelled for aid as they flew away. However, his troops were captured and sent to prison.

When all the damages were fixed all the members sat down to hear Iroh speak, "Everyone may go home now but I must tell you this, we will call you all back because the threat of General Lee is not over, he has enough logic not to send all his troops. I estimate in a few months we will call you all back to help The Order of the White Lotus vanquish evil." The sound of a stepping, stomping, talking crowd roared through the land.

Authors Note

This is one of the most highest rated episode in my series. Until next chapter, this is Prillin101.

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