Rage of the North
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Kayden of the Ocean


Book 1: Destiny


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December 13, 2013

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Kayden's Decision

Kayden looked down angrily at the frozen city below him. The once great city lay in ruins now, as it has been for the last seventy years. He could see the Fire Nation military base at the entrance of the city. Suddenly, he heard someone behind him.

Kayden immediately got up off the cliff overlooking the city and whirled around. He sighed when he saw it was his best friend, Kile. Kayden said, "Kile, don't scare me like that. I thought you were Fire Nation."

Kile smiled and said, "C'mon man, you known we have training in like five minutes, and we're five miles from our village. Besides, you shouldn't be out here. We can't risk the Fire Nation finding out about our village."

"Kile," responded Kayden, "I turned fifteen a few days ago. Plus, you and I both know I've basically mastered waterbending."

"That doesn't change the fact that we're gonna be late," said Kile irritated. Kayden sighed. The two boys raced back towards their village in the North.

When Kile and Kayden reached their outdoor classroom, Master Sonate had already begun teaching the other kids in their class. Master Sonate said to the boys, "Kayden and Kile, you're late. You know what that means." The boys hung their heads down in shame. "Kayden, opposite end of the river."

Kayden walked across the icy ground to the flowing river a few feet away. He walked across the ten-foot river slowly as he concentrated on his waterbending. Once he reached the other side, he signaled that he was ready by waving his hand.

Master Sonate nodded to Kile who also walked up to the edge of the river. Kile nodded back to Master Sonate who smiled. Master Sonate said in a bold voice, "Let the battle begin!"

Kile scooped both of his hands upward. In response, two thick ice spikes rose from the snow-covered ground. He pushed his palms forward and the ice spikes flew towards Kayden as they sliced through the air.

Kayden quickly raised his hands as a wave of water quickly rose from the river in between the ice spikes. He pushed his hands away from each other and the wave split in two. The two halves pushed the ice spikes off course and into the ground. Kayden then stepped back as he punched his fist forwards. Water from the snow rose up and spiraled towards Kile.

Kile took a quick breath as he waterbent Kayden's water stream. He arched his back as his hands flew over him. The water whipped around Kile. He quickly regained his balanced and sliced his arm straight up. The flowing water dove into the river as columns of water began to flow upwards and headed towards Kayden. The last burst of water launched out of the river and splashed onto Kayden who was knocked down.

The drenched waterbender stood up. He thrust his palm forwards as a wave of water grew out of the river and crashed into Kile.

Master Sonate said, "Boys, stop playing and use your advanced bending!"

Kile raced towards the edge of the river. As he jumped, he waterbent the water into a sideways ramp. He swiftly slid across the river on his ramp. He jumped off the ramp and quickly bent the ice into water. Kile pushed both his fists forward and the water surged upwards and then crashed towards Kayden.

Kayden quickly ran away to the right as the water smashed into the snow a few feet away from him. As Kile landed, he punched his fist upward and an ice spike rose out of the ground in front of Kayden. Kayden was pushed backwards in surprise.

Kayden swung his right arm around as water from the river whipped out and surrounded Kile. Kayden smiled as he pushed his hand down. Kile was dragged into the river.

Suddenly, the river began to ripple. Master Sonate smiled. Kile arose out of the river in a spiraling waterspout. He flew to the height of about twenty feet. Kayden smirked as Kile looked down on him. Kayden quickly lit up his hands as two ice discs rose out of the ground. He crossed his hands in front of him as the discs flew toward the waterspout.

The shining ice discs streaked through the air as they flew across the river. They sliced through the center of the waterspout, cutting it in half. Kile lost control of the water as he began to fall out of the sky. Kayden punched his fist forwards as a stream of water launched from the ground and blasted Kile in midair to the other side of the river.

Kayden said softly, "Two can play that game," as he dove into the icy river. Kayden swirled around as he waterbent a waterspout around himself. He flew out of the water in his waterspout of towering swirling water. Kile quickly recovered as he stood up to see Kayden in his waterspout.

Kayden said, "This fight has to end now!" He thrust his fist forwards as a large stream of water burst out of the waterspout and flew at Kile. Kile also punched his fist forwards as a large stream of water launched from the ground and towards Kayden.

The two streams of water smashed into each other and began to refract against each other. Both boys were struggling to overpower the other. Kayden quickly looked for a way to offset Kile's balance. He saw that his left side was open.

Kayden arced his right arm around the front of his body. Water launched from the side of his waterspout in response. The water curved around as it rammed into Kile's side, knocking him to the ground. Kayden finally sent a stream of water at Kile, sending Kile skidding across the icy ground. Kayden waterbent his waterspout to Kile's side of the river. He landed on the riverside as the waterspout splashed back into the river.

Kayden walked up to Kile. He helped Kile get up. The friend's shook hands as they said, "Good game."

Master Sonate said, "Great work, Kayden." Kayden smiled as Master Sonate continued to the rest of the class, "Now, today we will continue working on your waterspouts. Let us go toe the side of the river so we may continue our training." Kayden, Kile, and the other seventeen waterbenders followed Master Sonate to the edge of the river to start training.

* * *

Later, Kayden walked into Kile's house in the village. Kile turned around and saw Kayden enter his house. He said, "Hey, Kayden."

"Hey," responded Kayden, "Can I ask you something?"


"You know the Fire Nation has been conquering the Earth Kingdom for the past 70 years, right?"

"Well, yeah. Everyone knows that."

"But what if you had the power to stop it? Would you?"

"What?!" said Kile in shock, "what are you saying?"

"Kile," responded Kayden, "Every day the Fire Nation gets closer and closer to Ba Sing Se. If they take over, the whole world will be under Fire Nation Rule."

Kile was confused. He replied, "What does this have to do with us?"

Kayden sighed as he shook his head. "The Avatar is dead; if he were alive he would have stopped this war a long time ago. We can't just keep letting the Fire Nation push us around! C'mon man!" Kayden raised his voice as he said, "You know what they did to our village!"

Kile said, "I know, I know. But we're just kids. There's no way we could possibly take down the entire Fire Nation."

"They took our family, our people!" yelled Kayden, "The Fire Nation took away my grandmother years ago before I was even born! I've never seen her in my entire life, and now I never will! The Fire Nation has to pay for what they've done to us!"

"Kayden," said Kile trying to calm him down, "I know you're hurt. Remember, the Fire Nation took away my father and older sister," he took a deep breath, "But there's nothing we can do! The Northern Fire Nation Colony has control over the Northern Water Tribe capital."

"So we need to take back our city! They have no right to be here!" yelled Kayden, "You have to at least agree with me now. The Fire Nation needs to leave the North Pole." Kile was silent.

Kayden frowned at Kile. He said in a stern voice, "I knew you wouldn't understand. I'm going to Master Sonate and Chief Saku and telling them we have to take back the capital, with or without you!" With that, Kayden angrily left Kile's igloo through an animal skin door.

Kayden walked up to the chief's igloo, the biggest home in the Northern Water Tribe. He took a deep breath as he pulled apart the animal skin door. Once inside he saw Master Sonate and his brother, Chief Saku, sitting across from each other on a large polar bear fur carpet on the ground.

Master Sonate turned around and saw Kayden had entered the igloo. He said to him, "What is it, Kayden?"

"We have to kick out the Fire Nation from the Northern Water Tribe's original capital," responded Kayden.

"What?" asked Master Sonate.

"What is this boy talking about?" asked Chief Saku of the Northern Water Tribe.

"My chief," said Kayden, "the Fire Nation has had control over our tribe since the comet arrived seventy years ago. You know they have taken away almost all of our benders."

"I'm listening," said Chief Saku.

Kayden continued, "But we have twenty capable waterbenders here in our village, including myself. We could easily take the Fire Nation out."

Master Sonate quickly stood up and said, "Brother, you can't possibly be considering this! If were to fight and lose, the Fire Nation would find our village again. They would surely wipe all of us out. You have the duty to protect the village, all 200 of us!" "Brother," said Chief Saku, "be seated." Master Sonate unwillingly sat down as he mumbled to himself.

Kayden said, "And we actually have an advantage. Not only is the full moon out tomorrow night, but the Northern Fire Nation Colony is having a festival all tomorrow. Their guard will be down. It's the perfect opportunity to strike."

Suddenly, Kile raced into the igloo. Kayden said, "Kile, what are you doing here!"

Kile said to him, "I'm making sure you won't go through with this!" He said to Chief Saku, "My chief, you can't let Kayden do this. He's not thinking straight. The only thing on his mind is revenge."

Chief Saku said, "Everyone, I will think about Kayden's idea. I will make my decision at the tribal meeting we will have tonight around the campfire." Saku looked at his brother and said, "Master Sonate, tell everyone we will be having a tribal meeting tonight." Master Sonate nodded and left the igloo through the doors. Kayden and Kile followed behind.

* * *

That evening underneath the nearly full moon, the entire remains of the Northern Water Tribe sat around a large bonfire in the middle of the city, across from the Chief Saku's igloo. Once they had all finished eating dinner, Chief Saku rose and everyone was silent.

Chief Saku said to the village, "Good evening, my brothers and sisters of the Northern Water Tribe, and welcome to this tribal meeting. As many of you have heard, one of our brethren has suggested that we take back the Northern Water Tribe capital."

The Northern Water Tribesmen began to murmur to each other. Chief Saku held up his hand and the crowd grew silent once more. He said, "I have seriously thought about this all day and I have made my decision. I have decided that we will take back our city. It is past time our tribe took back what's rightfully ours."

Master Sonate stood up and said, "Chief Saku, aren't you concerned about the wellbeing of the nonbenders in our tribe. They can't protect themselves."

Chief Saku said, "You, Master Sonate, will lead your nineteen students to our old capital. Tomorrow, you will venture to the outer edge of the Northern Fire Nation Colony. Underneath the power of the full moon, you will be able to flood out the Fire Nation and send them back to their nation in the south."

Master Sonate knew he couldn't argue with his brother. Especially since he was the tribe's chief. He said, "Brother, I will do as you say, but I will leave three of my students to protect you and the village."

Chief Saku nodded and said, "Brothers and sisters, you need not to worry. My brother, Master Sonate and Kayden will ensure that we will be able to kick out the Fire Nation. In two days' time, we will have back our city and the Northern Water Tribe will rise again!" The villagers cheered as the campfire burned in the evening light.

* * *

The next day at dusk, Kayden woke up and quickly began to put on his water skin. His mother walked into his room and hugged him. She said, "You come back, you hear?" She kissed him on the forehead and watched him leave their house. She whispered, "May the Ocean and Moon Spirit protect you, my son."

Kile caught up to Kayden as they both headed out to the edge of the village. He said to Kayden, "I can't believe the chief agrees with you. But I'm happy to fight by your side." Kayden smiled as the two of them raced towards the rest of the group.

After two hours of hiking over the arctic tundra, Master Sonate, Kayden, Kile, and the other fourteen waterbenders reached the cliff side of the old Northern Water Tribe capital. They all looked down the valley at the once great city, which lay in ruins. They could see the large bonfire at the opposite end of the city. The Fire Nation colony was finishing their festivities as they day began to end.

Kayden said to Master Sonate and Kayden, "Here's my plan. First, Kile will lead a small group of our waterbenders to the Fire Nation's ships. There, they will release the ships into the ocean. Once the ships are out of the city limits, we will join Kile with the rest of the waterbenders. We will then re-create the ice wall that closed our city years ago. That's phase one."

Kile nodded and said, "I'll just take five benders with me and we can send the ships down the Northern Current."

Master Sonate said, "Okay Kayden, once we rebuild the ice wall, there will still be water trapped in between our new outside wall and the first wall."

"That brings us to phase two," said Kayden, "Kile, some of the benders, and I will make water spouts and bend all of the water trapped in between the gates into large pots. Once all the water is out of the space, the Fire Nation will have no way to escape. Then, we will place the pots around the Fire Nation colony so they'll be ready when we attack."

Kayden looked at Master Sonate and said, "Once that is all completed, we will take everyone to three levels above where the Fire Nation colony is. When the full moon reaches the top of the sky, we will send a huge wave down on their colony thus starting the battle. Once we defeat the colony, we will imprison them, and we will have our city back." Kile and Master Sonate nodded.

Kayden told his plans to the rest of the waterbenders. Once the sun was about an hour away from setting, the benders began to move into the city and descend down to the Fire Nation colony. They reached the fourth level of the city and waited for the sun to set.

* * *

Sunset finally arrived and the Fire Nation colony put out their fires and went into their tents to rest for the night. The full moon began to rise above the frozen city. A chilly breeze blew across the waterbenders as Kayden nodded to Kile. Kile, in response stood up and five of the waterbenders followed him.

Kile and a few benders briskly walked all the way down the silent Fire Nation colony. They reached the colony and crept through to the water gate. A large stone gate let water run beneath it, but blocked ships from entering.

Kile and the benders stood at the shore and looked at the river of water beneath them. They all slowly sunk into the water so the Fire Nation wouldn't hear them. Once they were all in the water, they went under. They waterbent the water around themselves so they could stay warm and dry. The waterbenders swam under the stone gate and went over to the shoreline on the other side.

The benders quickly walked onto the shore and listened to make sure no one had heard them. The looked and saw the Fire Nation colony's three steel ships. They were anchored to the ocean floor. Kile and the benders walked on top of the water to the side of one of the ships.

Together, they raised their arms over their heads and a stream of water leaped up and sliced the chain holding the anchor in half. The other half fell into the ocean. Then, the waterbenders surrounded the ship. They began to push and pull their arms away and towards themselves. With the full moon giving them strength, they were able to make a current, which pulled the ship away from the Fire Nation colony. After about ten minutes, the ship had been pushed into the ocean and began to sail away.

Over the next hour, Kile and the other waterbenders unanchored the ships and set them afloat away from the city. Back in the city, Kayden and Master Sonate lead the remains of the waterbenders through the Fire Nation capital. They all swam underneath the stone water gate and went to the rocky shore to the side. They saw that all the Fire Nation ships were gone into the sea.

All seventeen of the waterbenders aligned themselves equal distance from each other and along the first water gate. The full moon shone its light on each of them. They all began to simultaneously raise their hands very slowly. A large, ten foot thick ice wall began to rise from the bottom of the ocean.

After an hour of non-stop bending, a new ice wall had been built that was forty feet high. Surprisingly, none of the Fire Nation colonials woke up. All the waterbenders went to the shore and rested for another hour to catch their breath. They all knew they were steps away from taking back their city.

Around ten o'clock, the waterbenders had regained their strength and were ready to work. Master Sonate led a majority of the waterbenders to the top of the first water gate. They brought with them multiple large pots from the Fire Nation Colony. Meanwhile, Kayden, Kile, and three other skilled waterbenders stood atop the water looking up at the water gate and waiting for Master Sonate to give them a signal.

In about ten minutes, Master Sonate and the waterbenders had gathered all the pots from the Fire Nation Colony. Master Sonate waved his hand and the waterbenders saw him. The skilled waterbenders, Kile, and Kayden looked at each other and nodded. They began to whip their arms around themselves. The water from the chasm instantly began to swirl around them. The five waterbenders rose high into the air in large waterspouts, enhanced by the full moon. They quickly reached the same height as Master Sonate and the other benders.

As the advanced waterbenders suspended themselves in the air, the other waterbenders drew water from the waterspouts and bent it into the Fire Nation pots. Within half an hour, all the water had been bent out of the chasm and was inside the large jugs. At this point, everyone was on the first wall ready to get in their battle positions.

During the next hour, the waterbenders placed the large pots of water around the Fire Nation colony as they sleep silently through the night. The waterbenders finished going through the colony and they went back up three levels of the city.

Master Sonate said softly to the whole group, "We have done it. The Fire Nation won't be able to leave. However, when we fight them, do not, I repeat, do not waterbend or hurt any of the women or children below the age of 14. They are innocent unless they bend at you first. Am I clear?" The waterbenders nodded.

"Good," said Master Sonate, "Now, let's take back our city. Everyone form a line along the ridge of this level. We are going to make simple ice towers, and then we will flood the colony!" The waterbenders aligned themselves on the ridge of the third level of the city. They could all see the Fire Nation colony below them. They each raised their hands upward and they were lifted up on a tower of ice.

Master Sonate screamed, "Attack!" All the waterbenders pushed their palms forwards. Water from the ice began to melt quickly and flow rapidly down the levels of the city. Soon the huge wave smashed into the Fire Nation colony. The waterbenders quickly melted their ice towers and surfed into the colony.

The firebenders were abruptly woken up in alarm as water raced through their colony and slammed into the water gate. They saw the waterbenders coming and were in great shock.

One of the firebenders screamed, "To the boats, open the water gates!" The large stone gates were opened in a matter of minutes. To the Fire Nation's surprise, there was a new ice wall and all the water inside was gone along with their ships.

The leader of the firebenders, General Bower, yelled, "Firebenders, attack the waterbenders, spare no one!" The firebenders began to launch fireballs at the quickly approaching waterbenders. The battle for the Northern Water Tribe capital had begun.

Kayden was meters away from the colony when the first fireball flew towards him. He quickly raised his hand as a wall of water rose up and doused the flame. Kayden punched his fist forwards as a stream of water gushed upwards and flew at one of the firebenders.

General Bower was hit in the face with Kayden's water. Kayden and General Bower looked at each other. The general said, "You barbaric Water Tribesmen are no match for me!" Kayden smirked. He rose his right arm up and water underneath General Bower sprung up and launched him into the air. He screamed as he fell back towards the ground. Kayden quickly spun around executing a roundhouse kick. Water from the ground instantly responded by jetting into General Bower, pushing him into the ground.

"As you were saying," said Kayden in a mocking voice. General Bower growled at him. He punched the air multiple times, each time ending a scorching hot flame towards Kayden. Kayden lifted his hands as a wall of water surged up in front of him. The water wall absorbed the flames. Kayden pushed both his palms forwards and the wall of water glided across the icy ground and rammed into General Bower.

The waterbenders and the firebenders furiously fought each other. However, the waterbenders had a huge advantage of the full moon and they were surrounded by water. The firebenders tried, but they were falling back. General Bower saw that his men were losing to barbaric Water Tribesmen. He was fearful that they might lose.

Kayden swirled his arms around himself created a waterspout. He rose higher into the sky. He began to thrust his arms out in blades sending streams of water onto the firebenders below. He saw General Bower standing and smirked. He pushed his left palm forwards as water gushed out at the general. General Bower was knocked down to the ground once more.

The general of the Northern Fire Nation colony stood up quickly. He said to Kayden, "Try this, peasant!" He began to wrap his arms around himself as lightning began to form in the air around him. Kayden saw General Bower beginning to bend lightning. Fear immediately struck his heart.

General Bower's finger darted out towards Kayden. Time slowed down as the lightning traveled up his finger and towards Kayden's waterspout. Kayden jumped from his waterspout just as the lightning hit it. The electricity quickly swirled around the waterspout from the bottom to the top. Kayden landed on the ground he smiled as he circled his arms around his back. His waterspout, charged with lightning, quickly arced around him. He pushed his palm forward sending his lightning-charged water at General Bower.

Bower was hit in surprise and instantly electrocuted. He fell to the icy ground unconscious. Kayden walked up to him and stepped on his chest shouting, "General Bower has been defeated!"

The waterbenders cheered as the firebenders stopped fighting. The waterbenders quickly rounded up all the firebenders and took them up the city levels to the prison underneath the palace. Master Sonate said, "Kile, lead some of the benders back to our village, tell them we are Victorious!" The waterbenders cheered again as the full moon lit up the night sky.

* * *

At dawn the next day, the Northern Water Tribe had taken back their city and the firebenders were in prison with five waterbenders watching them. The rest of the city gathered in the palace. Chief Saku stood in front of his brethren.

The chief of the Northern Water Tribe said, "My brothers and sisters, I would like to call Kayden up here." Kayden rose from the crowd and went up to stand next to Chief Saku. Everyone clapped for him until the chief raised his hand. Chief Saku continued, "Because of this young man's initiative, our tribe is back in its city. And for that, we are very grateful. We have entered a new era. An era filled with hope, joy, and prosperity in our new lives. The Northern Water Tribe shall no longer be living in the shadows. We can only dream of what the future holds for us. Let us thank our hero once more! Kayden of the Ocean!"

Kayden smiled as everyone stood up. They all clapped and cheered loudly for him. He was filled with pride and accomplishment, and most of all hope. He now had a strong feeling that he would be able to stop the Fire Nation and no one was going to get in his way.

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