By Princess Aisha Part of the The Lost Princess continuity.
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Rae-rae (by Beyan)


Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe



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Dark brown

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Light brown

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Waterbending, Hand-to-hand combat


Ami, Beyan, Hoshi, Kimi, Zen


Chief Nukka

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"Best Friends"

Raeka is the protagonist of the fanon series The Lost Princess.


Raeka is an optimist and a complete bookworm. She loves reading books mostly in the fantasy genre. At the beginning of the series, Raeka was shown to be a little naïve. She was slightly inexperienced being brought up in a typical Water Tribe environment her whole life.

She is smart, intellectual and intuitive, and she doesn't always rely on her bending in tough situations. But beneath her carefree facade, Raeka is a hard-working and independent girl who loves her friends and family from the core of her heart. She is known to make her grandma Beyan lots of cups of green tea whenever she asked for it, and is always there for her best friend Princess Ami. This strong minded girl with great leadership skills also has a tendency to get confused in tricky situations but soon overcame it as the series progressed.

Raeka is a girl with a sweet personality. She is caring, amiable and is sensitive towards other people's feelings. She at times has a fiery and unstable temper, but otherwise has the personality of a great leader. Raeka is open minded and an instinctive person. At times she trusts others too quickly, and that may disadvantage or even injure her. She can handle dangerous situations well. Raeka is at times shown to be very concerned with the well-being of things around her, such as her surroundings, the people around her, and those she cares about. She is very strong (physically and mentally) and well mannered.


Raeka has a typical Water Tribe appearance with her brown skin and light blue eyes. She wears her hair up in a thick ponytail. Her hair loopies dangle down to her collar bones and are held by a round, blue hair ornament each. One of her distinctive features is her crescent shaped birthmark on her right shoulder.


Raeka has a typical Water Tribe appearance with her brown skin and light blue eyes. She wears her hair up in a thick ponytail. Her hair loopies dangle down to her collar bones and are held by a round, blue hair ornament each.

In the North Pole, Raeka wears a thick blue fur coat with a hood and dark blue leggings underneath. She wears matching gloves and beige snow boots.

While out of ice, Raeka wore a dark blue tunic with matching leggings beneath. Her shoes are the same.


Generally, Raeka is a skilled master waterbender but she is also capable of taking care of herself when she has no water within bending distance. She is trained in hand-to-hand combat almost as much as waterbending. Although Raeka gets easily confused when she has too much to handle at a time, Raeka is a quick thinker. She can formulate plans and map out situations at a calmer state of mind.

Anger is a booster to Raeka's abilities. When she gets provoked or if someone angers her, her abilities instantly heighten from the adrenaline. But it leads to her acting impulsively.



Raeka was brought up in a typical Water Tribe environment. She was born into the family of former Chief Dokka and his beloved wife Luan with the name Akera. Her birth parents died a mysterious death. Some believed they were poisoned while others believed it was an assassination. Coming soon...

Book One

In the first book, Raeka was just a regular girl from the Water Tribe who loved her best friend, Princess Ami and her grandmother Beyan. She lived a normal life and loves the annual Moon Fest that takes place in the Northern Water Tribe. She and Ami attended it at the Royal Palace where the Chief, Nukka spotted her crescent shaped birthmark. Little did she know how much of the truth her birthmark held.

One happy day, when she and Ami were fooling around the Palace, Ami stumbled across an oil painting of the previous Royal Family.

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Raeka and her adoptive grandma get along very well. As a baby, Beyan took very good care of her, feeding her and providing her with shelter and clothes. She raised Raeka to become a great woman with a fortunate life and bright future. Like normal, Raeka and Beyan argue because their ideas of things tend to differ. But nonetheless, they care deeply for each other and are always by each other's sides. Beyan loves Raeka like her birth granddaughter. She never maltreats her and gives her the best of what she can. Her intentions for Raeka are pure and good, always hoping for the best.


True best friends from childhood, Ami and Raeka had forever had a strong bond. Though the two had a rough start, their relationship smoothed out. They were arch nemesis at first and held grudges from when they first met, but all that was forgotten later on as they moved on to be best friends. More often than never, Ami and Raeka go through rough times. When their feud is at its apex, they refuse to speak to each other for days, sometimes up to a week. But when they put their differences and most of all, their prides aside, they resolve things and put bad things behind them. But apart from that, they are loyal to each other and trust each other deeply.


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