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By DragonGirl028 Part of the The Rise of Avatar Singi continuity.
Ra Sho
Biographical information

Sun Warriors' ancient city, Sun Warriors


Sun Warriors


25-29 (Book 3: Resolution)


9,767 BG


Unknown (eventually Jeong Jeong)

Physical description



6'0" or 1.83m

Hair color


Eye color

Indian red

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)

Dancing Dragon


Singi, Jamyang, Jiefeng, Guilin, Sun Warrior chief, Ran and Shaw


Fire Islands warlords, Fire Islands troops

Chronological and political information

Sun Warriors

First appearance

"The Sun Warriors"

Last appearance

"Judgment Day"

Voiced by

Tatanaka Means (if animated)

Ra Sho is a Sun Warrior and Avatar Singi's firebending instructor. He lives in the Sun Warriors' ancient city, alongside the rest of his tribe, initially as a warrior-in-training. In 9,738 BG, he confronts dragons and firebending masters, Ran and Shaw, alongside Singi, and afterwards is declared a true Sun Warrior.


Being one of the younger members of the Sun Warrior tribe and having not yet confronted Ran and Shaw, Ra Sho is somewhat timid and unconfident in his abilities as a firebender, instructor, and Sun Warrior. Unlike his student, however, Ra Sho understands the concept of fire being a source of life and not just an element of destructive power, and fervently conditions Singi on this philosophy so that she can learn to accept the art of firebending, and ultimately, master it.


Early Life

Not much is known of Ra Sho's personal upbringing, but he discusses to Singi the rise of the Sun Warrior civilization during the era of Raava. During that time, they lived within the Spirit Wilds and were taught firebending from the dragons, as opposed to living on the backs of and being granted the element from the lion turtles. Upon the onset of the era of the Avatar, the Sun Warriors often found themselves caught in the middle of conflicts between combating Fire Islands warlords. The Sun Warriors sought refuge by establishing a settlement of their own in the northern Fire Islands, where they would protect two of the dragons that had taught them firebending—Ran and Shaw.

Book 3: Resolution

Meeting Singi and Her Companions

Upon Singi, Jamyang, and Jiefeng's arrival in the Sun Warrior city, the trio is ambushed and captured by members of the civilization, Ra Sho among them. Immediately after capture, the visitors are questioned as to their reasoning for arriving in the city, believing them to be spies for the Fire Islands warlords. Singi identifies herself as the Avatar and explains that she and the others sought out the Sun Warriors after hearing rumors of their unique philosophy regarding firebending, and how it may aid her in mastering the element.

When assigned to train the Avatar in the art of firebending, Ra Sho quickly points out that he is not yet a master and suggests for one of the older warriors to train Singi. The Sun Warrior chief responds that by training the Avatar, Ra Sho will also be training himself further, with the intent of confronting Ran and Shaw in the future to prove his own worth.


Preceded by
Position established
Avatar's firebending master
9,742 BG – 9,738 BG
Succeeded by
Unknown; eventually Jeong Jeong

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