Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to R.C.P.D. Metal in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

This fanon's production will not come until post 2013.

Metalbender cops deployed
R.C.P.D. Metal
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R.C.P.D. Metal is an upcoming fanon series written by kuzonkid7 and Suzon, which takes years after the Avatar came to R.C., in a family of Equalist. It will air sometime after the first season of Korra ends.


The idea of this fanon first came from the idea that how awesome the Metalbenders were. Then in And the Winner Is... the user saw the most epic high-tech weapons and stealthy unit. They looked just like civilian; I was very excited! Then I looked into how bending genes works. They were random, but I noticed a pattern. Most people who had one bending parent were benders or at least one would be. However, if you had 2 bending parents you could have your mother or father trait or even more likely you could be a non-bender. Also, if none of your close family was benders it was also random. Then a story came that is below began to form in my mind. Borrowing elements from some of my favorite fanons, mostly Avatar: Guardian and Avatar Brek, I came up with a story of a post Equalist world in first person prospective.


This will be the story of a child whose family was major Equalist supporters. His father was even an Equalist who helped capture benders and take them to Amon. He was even given the rank of sixth in command. He was very wealthy because of this. His family became an influential one in Republic City. The man's wife had three children during the Equalist Revolt. All were young during this time. The fourth and final child was born right before Avatar Korra quashed the revelation. His name was Shiron. His father was killed by the Agni Kai Triad by a bomb that they had planted. This happened during the final fight between Amon and Korra. Years passed and the baby turned into a child, so he went to school. His mother still held a hatred for all benders. She was arrested for connections to attempt to kill Avatar Korra. The children were cast onto the street. The eldest son vowed to exterminate all benders until it was discovered that Shiron was an earthbender. His brother told him he never wanted to see him again and he didn't. The child, now a man, joins the Metalbending Police Academy in order to put his talent to good use.


  • Shiron - The main protagonist of the series. He is the hero.
  • Lee - Shiron's friend at the academy
  • Rama - Shiron's love interest
  • Hurrut - Hard-core teacher
  • Jing Run - Metagician leader
  • Girun - Current the police chief
  • Big Red - leader of the NeoEqualist
  • Lin - Former chief of police
  • Rohan - Dark Air Nomad guy
  • Tenzin - Elderly head of the council, represent the Air Nomads
  • Lieutenant - Aging former Equalist in prison
  • Rocky - A young pygmy puma, Shiron's pet


  • My Story
  • Metal and a Hard Place
  • Reunited
  • First Mission


  • This takes 20 years after Legend of Korra
  • This is and will be a short story
  • The working title was Pineapples will kill you
  • Lin can still kick butt
  • We may or may not see the Airbenders in this series

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