By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.
Bumi howling
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Jade Airfield

Physical description






Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Earthbending, Metalbending


Omashu, Order of the White Lotus

Chronological and political information
  • General in the United Forces
  • Master Earthbending Teacher
  • Earth Kingdom colonel (formerly)
  • Earth Kingdom (formerly)
  • Royal Guards (formerly)
  • United Forces


General Quru is a powerful earthbender born in Ba Sing Se and a master of Beifong Style. His skill and prowess earned him the recognition of the Earth King.


Quru was born in the middle ring of Ba Sing Se and learned basic Beifong Style, but this changed when he surpassed his teacher and was seen by a true master. He showed tremendous skill where he was recruited into the army to learn and then train others. He was recruited into the Royal Guards at a surprisingly late age for the standard but progressed well enough.

Quru's reputation grew and as a colonel he finally received the attention of the Earth King, Iruei. Iruei decided to have the colonel teach his son, Kuir, in Beifong Style Earthbending. Quru and Kuir traveled around the world teaching the Crown Prince how to stand for himself, but failed to see the hunger he had until he was a grown man.

At some point, Kuir mastered Earthbending and beat his master in a close spar. Quru left the Earth Kingdom army and the Kingdom entirely to become a citizen of Republic City. Despite such actions being treasonous, no one but the King or Prince could enforce it against such a powerful Earthbender.

Quru soon became a general of the United Republic where he commanded the many bases and outposts spread across the mountains.

When Jade Mountain base was discovered, Quru defended the station and fought with both Lira and Tala.


  • Quru is considered one of three most powerful Earthbenders in a tossup between the Earth King and the Prince, which few know who is better.
  • Quru left the Earth Kingdom over something to do with Prince Kuir and their conflicting views over the future of the Earth Kingdom.

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