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Quon Tin
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Aang, Katara, Earth Kingdom, Gan Jin, Zhang (after The Great Divide)


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The Great Divide in Eyes of Katara

Quon Tin is an elder leader of the Gan Jin tribe. They were forced to leave their homelands upon the continued assaults by the Fire Nation, fleeing for safety in Ba Sing Se.


Quon is held in high respect by his fellow Gan Jin as the leader of their tribe. Whenever he voices his mind on a matter, the tribe bends beneath his will for the best of the tribe. He has participated first-hand in coordinating mounted assaults against Fire Nation adversaries, holding the Gan Jin's lines for many a difficult year.

Sadly, the Fire Nation assaults did not cease, eventually driving him to make the difficult decision to uproot his tribe and declare defeat. His decision did not cost him his pride nor his respect, as he and the remaining members of the tribe were well aware that each had fought to the bitter end and further confrontations would only spell defeat.


He is typically a very kind individual, though he has a temper that may flare at the drop of the hat. Nothing matters more to him than seeing to the well being of his kind, willing to lay down his very life solely for the beliefs and betterment of his tribe. After all, his years are running out as they are, and he wishes to make the most of the time he has remaining to him. When it comes to others in general, he's very courteous and respectful of their beliefs and thoughts, unless either cross the path of his tribe in a dim light.


Despite Quon being an elder; he is still extremely agile and apt due to maintaining a high level of rigorous activity and sparring with his fellow, younger comrades. His skill with a straight-edge blade is exceptional, able to rival skilled combatants toe-to-toe half his age. A lifetime of practice and decades of experience defending his homeland against the Fire Nation has aided his ability to maintain his prowess on into his later years.

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