By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Biographical information

174 AG

Physical description

131 ft


90 tones

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Cyan blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)




Chronological and political information


First appearance

Ep.11: City of Giants

Quixico is one of the Voronon that managed to survive up to the present day. Its appearance closely resembles that of a dragon.


Quixico was created many years ago by the Shadow Nation, assigned to protect them and the area in which it was made. However, when Voronon were beginning to be wiped out, Quixico was hidden and put in suspended animation. It's unclear where Quixico was suspended.

Quixico was first seen along the border of the United Republic of Nations, able to fly through the defenses with little effort. Before leaving, it released a huge air blast, sending all objects not nailed to the ground flying off. It continued flying until it reached Republic City, where it came across Lin Beifong, Varrick, Hotaru, and Zhu Li, along with many other humans. After some examining, it moved Zhu Li out of the way and released another wave of air blasts at everything else before flying off again.

Sometime later, it retreated to Air Temple Island in Yue Bay, where it rested for a bit, until it became aware of the air family inside. The first one it found was Rohan and nearly toppled the air temple in order to reach them when Tenzin confronted the beast. It nearly sent him flying with another air blast but soon began flying back towards the city, where Lin Beifong confronted it again. It was quickly pinned down and struggled to escape their grasp. Although it was successful, another air blast quickly resulted in weakening a large building, and it became crushed underneath it.



Quixico is capable of creating airbending blasts thanks to its wings. It makes a huge wing beat, wings touching together at the tips to perform the blast, which has enough power to topple down buildings at close range.

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