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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Past, Present, and Future.

Qui Tu
Qui Tu
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Earth Kingdom


41 (deceased)

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Huowoun, Mikaere, Shaocia, Kuwabara, Pathik, Kanna, Kotoka, Qiang, Chao


Fire Nation, Afiko

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First appearance

Act 3: Ends

Qui Tu was the mother of Shaocia and Mikaere, and Huowoun's wife. She and her family lived in the destroyed Taku until they were found by the Fire Nation.


When Qiu Tu and Huowoun were small children, the city they lived in, Taku, was attacked by Afiko and the Fire Nation. Other than Pathik, the two of them were the only ones to survive. They lived in the Herbalist Institute with Kotoka and his offspring, Qiang and Chao. They had two children, Mikaere and Shaocia. About ten years after Kotoka's death, Qui Tu and her husband found Kanna collapsed on Taku's beaches. After they all nursed Kanna back to health, they were discovered by Fire Nation soldiers. Both she and her husband were killed, and Shaocia was badly injured.


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