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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War



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June 28, 2011

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Ex Uno, Plures

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Adventure Is Out There

Questions is the fourth chapter of the Darksome Knights: Resurrection and the fourth chapter of "Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War".


A cool wind blew across a lonely, grassy plain. Men in simple, wool clothes plucked fruit from low hanging trees. Women tended small huts. Children ran around, laughing and playing games.

All of a sudden, some of the men shouted into the sky. They all dropped their baskets and ran back to the huts as a gray and black starship descended to the earth. A small hooded figure leaped off and started walking slowly off into the distance.

Aside from his brown robes, he wore a light, cream-colored tunic. Around his waist was a brown belt, a gray cylinder in one of the pockets. He had short auburn hair with a beard and proud, blue-gray eyes.

He walked silently through the fields, past trees, grass huts, and even entire villages, to the center of the burnt rubble of an ornate mansion. He knelt down.

Painful memories of his family, so peaceful and content, flooded back to him all at once, each competing for his attention. He and his brother, playing in a grassy field. His mother's embrace, his father's smile. Hot tears flowed down his face as images of his home erupting into flames burned through his mind. Men and women ran to put out the blaze, but it was too late. His family...

He opened his eyes in a distressed panic and stood up. They're gone. he told himself. They're gone, and no amount of sorrow will bring them back.

Do you really believe that, Obi-Wan? a familiar voice rang out in his mind. Obi-Wan turned around with a terrified expression on his face.'re... Obi-Wan calmed himself down. It was time to leave this place. There were too many painful memories here.

As turned to leave, a small red light caught his eye. He bent down to pick up the source, a small medallion in the shape of a teardrop-shaped flame with three points.

He pocketed the medallion and walked off back in the direction of the starship. It was time to learn more about where this medallion came from.

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