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Questionable Courage
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Striking Charm

Young Rokai Guo comes out from the Hot Meal Shop down in Center City. As he looks through the large crowd, he sees young Princess Azula by one of the shops in the distance. He gathers up enough courage to go and speak to her.

"Hello Princess," he says to her.

Azula turns around and looks at him closely.

"Do I know you? You look familiar. What's your name?" She asks him.

Rokai hesitates for a minute to answer.

"My name is Rokai. I do not believe that you know me," he says.

"Oh... Do you need anything then?" She asks.

Rokai becomes a little nervous.

"No... I just wanted to say hello," he replies.

"Okay; well, hello." She says as she turns back around to continue on.

"Actually, I..." He begins to say but pauses for a while. Before he can continue, he is quickly stopped by Azula.

"Look," she says. "I am in a good mood today, and I do not wish for it to be ruined because of you wasting my time. Now, would you please say what you need to say?"

"Yes. Sorry Princess. I had just wanted to apologize," he says.

"Apologize for what?" She asks.

"Some days ago, I had rushed by you without showing any respect. I'm so sorry Princess Azula. Would you please be so kind to forgive me for my foolishness?" He says so meaningfully.

Azula quickly remembers and begins to become upset. But, before she lashes out, she sees the sorrow in his eyes, and slightly feels pity for him.

"Fine, I forgive you. But please, would you leave me alone. I don't wish to speak with you right now," she says.

"Yes princess. Thank you so much," he says.

"Yes," She says as she quickly turns away to continue on.

Another Strike in the Night

It's a very dim, quiet, dark night. With all the robberies going on, hardly many dare to go out at this time. But there are two guards patrolling the Center City.

"I don't feel comfortable at all," one guard says to the other.

"Come on now. Don't be scared. We are two very intimidating Fire Nation guards. Anyone that tries to mess with us would be a fool," he says.

"Yeah! You're right!" He says excitedly.

As soon as he says that, they both hear quick footsteps on the shop rooftops.

"Oh no," one guard says.

"Don't worry. Remember? We are intimidating!" The other guard says.

As soon as he says that, they hear a slight chuckle come from right behind them. They turn around quickly to come face to face with the intimidating thief in the ninja operative costume. The figure expels an amazing amount of fire from the palms of his hands facing skyward. The two guards fall to the ground in fear.

"Please, don't hurt us!" One guard says.

"Yeah! If you choose to though, rob him! He gets paid more!" The other exclaims.

As the figure is about to strike, a group of guards comes storming around the corner from one side of the plaza. As soon as the figure sees this, he flees. The two guards get up and join the others, and they chase him down to the end of the road. As they reach the end though, all they see is trees and bushes.

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