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The Quei Family was a family that had the reputation of being ruthless and evil assassins throughout the Fire Nation for three generations.

History and Story

Pyro Years

Roughly fifteen years after Avatar Roku died, the Legacy all began, with a boy. The boy (as far as he could remember) was born into an orphanage with no real history of his mother or father. The boy didn't even know his own name or if he even had one. The random word "Quei" was eventually given as a name to him by some of the other orphanage children. He discovered his Firebending ability at an early age and gained the new nickname "Pyro" because of his love of fire and kept his previous name "Quei" as his last name. At age thirteen, he was sick of the orphanage and wanted to get out. Pyro, and a few other boys who wanted freedom, met up with an eighteen year old whose name was never given, but he said he could break them out. Using various bending moves, distractions, and even sewers, Pyro and the others escaped the orphanage using enough skill to escape a prison. Pyro had nowhere to turn after that. He could not get a job because no one would accept him, so he made a living by betting on arena battles and he even became a fighter himself. His skills were legendary in the arena. One day after a fight, a man came up to him. He was a leader of a group of assassins and bounty hunters, and after seeing his skill, wanted Pyro to join. The man was in fact, the boy who led the break out operation of the orphanage years ago and was now codenamed: Leader. Pyro's powers became well known, and he was paid very nicely. He later had a son and called him Raon.

Raon Years

The life of the son of a well trained assassin was very difficult. At a young age, Raon was being trained by his father to be a great fighter. Raon, was however, not a bender. The easy solution for this, sword fighting. He was often punished and in some cases even tortured to master his blade. Education meant nothing to Pyro, but meant everything to Raon. So at night he would attend a secret night school that taught everything he would have learned in a normal school and during that time, he met his future wife, Saphire. Meanwhile, as life went on, Raon was becoming more and more skilled with his blade. One day, Pyro said he was making a trip to the Earth Kingdom. Two weeks went by, and he never returned. Upon further investigation Raon found out Pyro had been arrested and thrown into an Earth prison for life. Raon married Saphire and they had a boy named Fang. Because Pyro was in prison, the new Quei family had almost no money, and Raon realized he needed work that paid well. When Fang was just a little boy, Raon found work as an assassin, working for the teenage son of the very man Pyro worked for in the first place. Raon, for reasons unknown to himself, began teaching Fang basic sword fighting moves before he was sent to jail to rot.

Fang Years

Main article: Fang Quei

Fang was the most important of the entire family. He was the most skilled and mastered the most arts. He unknowingly followed the destiny of his father and grandfather, and also played a major part in ending the awful legacy of assassins his family had become.

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