By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Diablo Desert

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Scarab King

Quassus is a large beetle Colossi that was summoned up to the surface by Toph and Toube as they were going through his territory known as the Diablo Desert. He was created not by Yveltal, but one of his comrades named JD. He wasn't chosen by Xerneas for the collection but Marage picks him anyway. Quassus has a very aggressive nature to any intruder and it's only him, along with Dirge, that actually not just attack but try to eat whoever trespasses.

Quassus first appears in the Diablo Desert, scarring the heck outta the duo. He only speaks bug but somehow tells Toph his identity before giving chase. He keeps on Toube's tail and eventually knocks him out by lunging at him from below. However Toph loses it with him and keeps blasting sand and stone at his beetle head until he gets knocked over. The bug got to its feet later on after Marage showed up and coughed up his chakra orb because mainly that's what Toph needs for her final form. Afterwards he burrowed into the ground, exiting the fight. He wasn't seen or heard of since.

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