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"Mitsuki, I know we won, and that's great and all...but...but what about Chen? Do you think you...killed him?"
— Quanlee asks Mitsuki about Chen out of concern
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The Fire Lord's Son

Quanlee is the daughter of Queen Mai of Phoenix City. She is the heiress of Phoenix City and a personal friend and ally of Princess Mitsuki. Quanlee gets many personal traits from her mother: she is quiet, gloomy, sarcastic, and yet somewhat compassionate.

Quanlee befriended Avatar Chen when they were infants, and later became friends with Princess Mitsuki. After Chen's escape from the palace, Quanlee acted as Mitsuki's right-hand along with their mutual friend Tam Mee. Upon Chen's betrayal of her, Quanlee was thrown into deep depression and rage, going as far as to torture Chen. She later helped Mitsuki finally conquer the Rebel City via a conspiracy against Kambi and his administration.

Quanlee, like her mother, is highly skilled in dagger-throwing. Her agility and strength as well allow her to present a formidable opponent against any bender.




In 114 AG, Quanlee was born to Mai and a rich nobleman. She was raised in luxury, though after seeing how her mother was bored by it, she decided to follow her. She and her mother actually became quite close, and Mai taught her how to handle knives and other weapons very early.

Befriending a Princess and Heiress

Young Mai

Quanlee as a child

At the age of two, Quanlee was introduced to Mitsuki and Tam Mee. She became fast friends with the girls, but was always the more "distant" of the three, and would prefer sitting on the ground than cartwheeling with Mitsuki and Tam Mee, a trait she got from Mai. Quanlee also would sometimes make remarks on how Tam Mee was an airhead, though she was the one who Mitsuki usually targeted. As the girls grew older, Quanlee lost just about all of the personality she had left, though she continued training and bonding with her mother.

Days at the Academy and Move to Phoenix City

When Quanlee went to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, she succeeded in much of her classes, but she showed lack of effort and participation. These setbacks did affect the Fire Lord's opinion of her, however, as opposed to Tam Mee. Azula told Mai to put some personality into the girl, and to actually raise her to be a human being. This deeply angered Mai, and, though she did not defy Azula outright, she did not do as she said.

Quanlee continued to be bored and gothic up to her later childhood. When Ozai died, Mai was promoted to Ruler of Phoenix City, and Quanlee, as a result, was forced to move there, while Tam Mee and her family moved to New Ozai.

Hunting Team Rebel


A day before her appointment to hunt Chen, Quanlee was shown sarcastically commenting on Mitsuki's Firebending skills, in which Mitsuki made a harsh joke about her and Chen. Later that day, she and Tam Mee hear of Mitsuki's plan to make Chen run away, though she expresses concern for him. The next morning, she is indirectly appointed by Azula to bring Chen back.

A Chase through the Fire Nation

Quanlee, Mitsuki, and Tam Mee first found and fought Team Rebel in a forest, in which she slightly cut Mina and Kaila with a blade. The team barely escaped, though Quanlee and her friends remained in hot pursuit. She found the poster that gave Mitsuki the idea to find the team and the train station. This lead to a battle on the train, in which Quanlee was able to slice all of Mina's arrows. Before she could pin her to the ground, Mina escaped, went to the train's control room, and stopped it, throwing Quanlee, Tam Mee, and Mitsuki off the edge.

Quanlee, Tam Mee, and Mitsuki finally tracked down Team Rebel in Ember Island. Instead of fighting, Quanlee sat next to a paralyzed Chen, and had a quick conversation with him, while Tam Mee fought Mina and Mitsuki fought Kaila. Eventually Tam Mee defeated Mina, though Kaila was able to escape Mitsuki due to the help of a mysterious creature. Kaila snuck up on Quanlee and Tam Mee, and pinned them both to the ground with a large blade. The team escaped, with Quanlee saying it was a bummer that they were going to Kein Forest. Mitsuki, however, realized that their defeat may lead to a victory. Quanlee is assumed to have understood what Mitsuki was thinking.

Battle at Kein Forest

Mai sliding over the ground

Quanlee attacks Kaila

Quanlee, along with Tam Mee, oversaw the modifications of all Mitsuki's airships and warships a few days before the Battle at Kein Forest. Finally, the day of the invasion, she accompanied Mitsuki and Tam Mee on Mitsuki's Royal Jet. As the attack began, Quanlee was given a mission by Mitsuki, to stop Chen and his little girlfriends in their tracks, leaving Quanlee with a worried look. Finally, when the rebels retreat to the city grounds, Quanlee and Tam Mee were deployed from the Royal Jet. Mina left to fight Mitsuki on the Royal Jet, while Tam Mee left to attack the fighting rebels.

As Mitsuki planned, Kaila met Quanlee in fierce combat, though Chen was unable to bring himself to fight Quanlee. During Quanlee's fight with Kaila, the two girls tried their hardest to get Chen on their side. Eventually, with Tam Mee's help, Quanlee defeats Kaila, though Chen finally stood up for her, and briefly attacked Quanlee. When Chen tried to apologize to Quanlee, she merely told him she hates him. Then, as Mitsuki also planned, Kambi, the leader of the rebels, is surrendering himself in hopes of saving his lackeys.

Quanlee then approached Kambi, ready to restrain him for Tam Mee. Suddenly, however, a rogue soldier infuriated Chen to an extreme level, causing him to go into the Avatar State, revealing he is the Avatar! Quanlee watches with everyone else as a mindless Chen rises into the sky, and tries (but fails) to kill Mitsuki. Quanlee, Tam Mee, and the other Fire Nation soldiers all flee the scene, boarding a large warship. Quanlee, along with Tam Mee, Mitsuki, and most of the soldiers, sail over to the Fire Nation Capital by orders of Mitsuki.

New Plans

Quanlee, along with Mitsuki and Tam Mee, returns to the Capital after the battle, though she is forced to attend an emergency war meeting immediately after. When Azula and Mitsuki discuss a top-secret plan Mitsuki has, Quanlee and the others leave, in which Quanlee is glad to leave.

It is not long, however, before Chen strays from the Rebel City's boundaries, and Mitsuki's soldiers capture him. After being taken to an island cross between the mortal world and the Spirit World, Chen is left chained to a chair by Mitsuki. Quanlee enters the room, with the foul stench of hate coming in with her. She refutes Chen when he tries to explain his previous action, and prepares to torture him. She reveals a knife from her sleeve, and holds it out to Chen. Before he can protest, she violently stabs him in his shoulder, nonchalantly watching him scream as red blood oozes out from the puncture hole she carved.

Mai confronting Zuko

Quanlee with Chen in the torture room

A bleeding and heart-broken Chen asks Quanlee why she is hurting him in spite of all their years of friendship, though Quanlee furiously tells him that he ended their friendship the minute he chose the rebels over her. As Quanlee prepares her next tool of torture, Chen tries to fluster her. Quanlee is both unamused and uncaring, and Chen has no effect on her. He tries to tell her that things have changed since he realized he was the Avatar, and that it is his destiny to rid the world of his evil sister. Quanlee bitterly tells him that he will only get killed like his father di, not realizing that she has gone too far until after she realizes how she has infuriated him. He tells Quanlee never to talk about his father like that. Quanlee cuts off his part of his hair as means to brand him, and begins crying for their friendship. Then, without thinking, she embraces Chen in a kiss.

Now, with a softened heart, Quanlee decides to release Chen, and fleas the room altogether. Following her quick departure, Chen is rescued from the building itself by Mina and Kaila. As the three kids leave and destroy the building, Quanlee stops them dead in their tracks. Quanlee, however, instead of taking on Mina and Kaila, decides to let them pass, just for once. She appears to have forgiven Chen. A few days later, Quanlee also assists Mitsuki in attacking three rebel girls and stealing their clothing. The three girls don the clothing, and Mitsuki thinks up a cunning plan.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Under a fake rebel persona, Quanlee, Mitsuki, and Tam Mee are able to pass security without trouble. An unknowing Kambi welcomes them, and Mitsuki immediately begins her plan. After the three girls gain Kambi's trust, he lets them into a secret meeting and he shows his ultimate trust by showing them the master plans. Quanlee acts as Mitsuki's "guard" when she steals the plans right from under Kambi's nose. In the morning, Kambi calls the girls in, and informs them that he thinks they may have stolen the plans. After the girls reveal their identity, Kambi goes to call for help, though Tam Mee blocks his chi and Quanlee quickly dags him with a cloth before he can.

Afterward, Quanlee assists Mitsuki in arresting Kambi. When Mitsuki leaves, Quanlee stays guard with Tam Mee in the throne room. It is not long before Ray and Giu arrive to save their friend. Quanlee briefly duels Ray, and is eventually able to pin both her and Giu to the wall, proving her superior skill. Quanlee then leaves to assist Mitsuki in her battle with Mina. After finding out that Mitsuki put Chen in a coma, Quanlee's concern for him greatly passes her enthusiasm for their victory. She asks Mitsuki if she thinks Chen is dead, and is slightly relieved when Mitsuki says she is expecting her and Chen to meet again. Quanlee, however, is still obviously worried for him.


Like her mother (whom Quanlee deeply cares about), Quanlee is always bored, depressing, and somewhat Gothic. She does not care for power or positions, and almost always has a blank expression on her face. Quanlee has been described as the complete opposite of Tam Mee and Mitsuki, as she is more socially inept than Mitsuki, Azula, and her mother. Despite this, Quanlee still has respect for Tam Mee and possibly Mitsuki, though she is always made fun of by Mitsuki and teased by Tam Mee. Quanlee has been shown to be uncaring in battle, and, unlike her mother, would prefer to rest or lie down than have to be engaged in a heated battle. She has also been shown to have slight romantic interest in Chen, though he doesn't seem to return such feelings.

Quanlee can also be very bitter, angry, and violent when she feels she has been betrayed. These traits have only been exhibited toward Chen after he betrays her at the Rebel City. However, unlike Mitsuki, Quanlee does soften up quickly, and can't hold a grudge for long. She has also defied Mitsuki on an occasion, in which she allows Mina, Kaila, and Chen passage. It can assumed this was both for Chen and her obvious realization that she could not beat all three rebels without the assistance of Tam Mee and Mitsuki.


Quanlee, like Mai, is very skilled with hidden weaponry, primarily stilettos. She has shown great accuracy, and has an amazing aim and, as Mai puts it, "a hell of an arm". Under her mother's tutelage, Quanlee quickly became a fierce and elite warrior, able to sneak up to her opponents and pin them to the floor or on walls simultaneously. In battle, Quanlee, like her mother, is quick and to the point, surprising opponents and usually being the person to start the battle. Quanlee has also shown the ability to cling and crawl on walls, allowing her to defeat opponents without even commencing a battle, something she taught herself when she was young.

Quanlee's skills are also enough for her to easily take down Ray, a master Waterbender.

Non-canon Appearances

Quanlee appears in the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds. She is first seen in Part 2, in which she accompanies Mitsuki on her quick trip to the outskirts of the Capital to pick up a new "nobleman". When Mitsuki falls for Nero, Quanlee sarcastically remarks that Mitsuki is a "real love muffin" when the Princess tries to make Nero her assistant. She is not seen for the rest of the special.

Quanlee also appears in Part 3. She is shown briefly attacking the rebels, and expresses disgust over Chen "choosing" Kaila over her.

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