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Quadavatar: The Four

Chapter One: The Backgrounds

It was a brand new day when Yishimi, an earthbending school girl woke up in the middle of her classroom with drool on her desk and the classroom empty.

Yishimi: What's going on?

Yishimi opens the door and notices a black hole.

Yishimi: What the hell?!?

Yishimi runs towards the window and the scene goes to a criminal 19 year old firebender named Rekinu. Rekinu falls out of his bed and looks out the window. He settles on the floor, then pops his head back up.

Rekinu: Holy shit!

Rekinu then gets up and opens his door when he sees another black hole.

Rekinu: I must be dreaming things.

Rekinu walks over to his fridge and grabs some whiskey. He opens it and drinks it... Well, he gulps it.

Rekinu: Oh yeah that's some good shit. Ah yeah.

Rekinu falls back on his bed and gulps his alcohol as the scene goes to a waterbendess training for a match as her trainer speaks to her.

Trainer: Come on Terruku, you've got this. (voice becomes wretched)

Terruku looks at her trainer, squints twice but then sees the background become all dark and horrific, along with her trainer become ghost like and purplish.

Terruku: Oh my God! What's happening?!

Terruku gets on her knees, covers her ears, and starts screaming as in the material world people come rushing after, trying to give her medical attention. Scene goes to a 11 year old airbender named Illii.

Illii is walking outside with his grandmother Ikki as he is writing in a journal.

Illii: Grandma Ikki?...

Ikki: Yes dear?

Illii: How... How did.. you meet the av–– Avatar?

Illii hears his grandmother speak for a second but then the background turns dark, mysterious, and purple as he runs away from his grandmother...

Ikki (Wretched Ghost): Where are you going Illii? I just want your head. *evil laugh*

Illii runs into Yishimi and asks her where she's going...

Illii: Where are you going Yishimi?

Yishimi: Nowhere. Actually I don't even know...

Illii: Probably we should go see Zei Len. He'll know what to do.

Yishimi: Hell no! He's such a nutcase.

Illii: He's my uncle. (straight faced)

Illii starts running to his uncle's house when Yishimi sees those purplish ghostly thing-a-ma-jigs running toward her.

Yishimi: Illii! Wait up...

Illii: Come on!

Yishimi and Illii knock on the door until Rekinu opens it up.

Illii: Hello. is Zei Len he–

Rekinu: Nope. I'm Rekinu. Zei Len died a year ago from an explosion. HEY! WATCH OUT!

A black hole appeared behind Yishimi and she picked up a rock and covered it.

Yishimi: How did you see that?

Rekinu: I don't know... *loud yawn* It all started this morning when I got a bottle of whiskey and saw a black hole. Then I passed out on by bed. Now go away bitches, I have a 14 year old scotch that I wanna drink up pretty soon. You guys want anything?

Yishimi: Margarita please...

Illii: *tugs on Yishimi's shirt* Really? You're seventeen.

Yishimi: Who cares? We might die anyways.

Rekinu: Hurry up kid! the order train is about to leave the station.

Illii: Fine! um, I guess get me a smidge of wine.

Rekinu: Cabernet or Zinfandel.

illii: Zin, please.

Then Terruku came crashing through the hallway roof, shooting water up in the air at ghosts... The background turned normal.

Illii: Who are you?

Yishimi: No way! You're Terruku Ishimata the best waterbendess in Yin Ushu.

Terruku: Yeah are you guys getting these visions of purpley ghosts also?

Rekinu gives Yishimi and Illii their drinks and they all agree...

Rekinu, Yishimi, and Illii: Yes.

Chapter Two: Understanding

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