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Qishi (pronounced " Kee-she") are a group of ancient animals that once lived in the world alongside their creator, El Niño, until his banishment.

Species Description

The group of Qishi resembles that of aquatic creatures. Most of the group resemble that of microscopic animals, and invertebrates, while others resemble that of fish. While each species varies in size and appearance, the Qishi all require some form of water to survive, although some species are able to float above ground.

Flower Squid


Flower Squid

The Flower Squid, despite its namesake, has a body structure more similar to a fish rather than a squid, sporting an short proboscis at the top of its head. Unlike most Qishi, the Flower Squid's head structure appears to be upside-down, its head curving upwards rather than downwards. Its body is covered in a primitive, translucent skin, a common feature among the group it's a part of.

The odd fish was given its name due to its behavior in disguise: Its tail, shaped like a water lily, is aimed above the surface of the water to disguise itself as a plant, to avoid being attacked by aerial predators. Although mostly harmless, it's able to secrete an ink-like substance when threatened, which (although non-like threatening) is able to cause harmful side effects (includes bloating, inflammation of the skin, and temporary blindness if directly set on the eyes).


Puckering Blinnow


The Eelpole is an aquatic hunter, with a body structure resembling that of a tadpole. These animals hunt other aquatic animals in groups of up to 5 individuals, able to take down prey 5 times their size (although the creatures grow about a meter long). They're able to hunt down prey by assaulting it with their beak-like mouths until it succumbs to its wounds.

Being mostly nocturnal hunters, Eelpoles have large eyes, which help them see in the dim light of the night hours. During the day, these creatures rest in shoals of 20, and won't hesitate to attack any animals that wander into their shoal. Their threat towards humans are rather high, given their aggressive behavior and group instincts.


Lesser spotted jellyfloat


The Blimpus are one of the larger species of Qishi, size varying from the size of bison to the size of 5 story buildings. The anatomy of Blimpus remains the same, of rounded bodies and a jellyfish-like shape. The species are able to remain afloat thanks to an air sac located within their head, keeping them afloat. The creatures hunt other animals by using their long tentacles to ensnare prey. However, their tentacles aren't able to extract towards the animal's body, so it sucks in prey with a powerful suction soon after it has ensnared them.

The skin on its main body have a bioluminescent glow, giving a bright neon glow at night, colours vary from light blue to purple, to yellow. Each species has a translucent skin, close to complete see-through towards the center of the body when directly observed. The Blimpus had a higher intelligence, matching to a small child. However, due to being such a larger size, they have no natural predators aside from themselves.




The Bubbleskimmer has a resemblance towards that of water skimmers. These odd-looking Qishi are able to move on the surface of the water, thanks to their disk-like feet and lightweight body. Its back contains an air-like sac, which it uses to shoot out odd, chemical bubbles in defense. The exact chemicals are unknown, but the effects of said chemicals give off a burning sensation to the attackers body. though not as effective as the Flower Squid's ink, the chemical defense effects both aerial and aquatic predators once it's released.

The Bubbleskimmer is able to hunt prey with the same sort of method, giving the Qishi species a wide variety of food items. Despite its large selection of food items, its legs are close to useless on land, only found on the water.




The Starbomb are a type of semi-aquatic Qishi, that is able to breathe underwater and on land, which is rare among other species. Due to the diversity, it's able to not only hunt more variety of creatures, but travel to locations most others can't, though being slow. The animal has a mouth with a type of rough tongue, and is omnivorous, feeding off plants and other animals. though the size of animal prey items limit to the size of a weasel, being the largest it can handle.

Its defense mechanism is similar to that of the Bubbleskimmer, but on a larger scale, able to release a larger amount of chemical-filled bubbles at one time. Though unlike the bubbleskimmer's bubbles, the bubbles released by the starbomb have a much rougher effect upon the attacker it's released on, and has a higher chance of being hit, due to the multiple amount released at one time.

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