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The Spirit of Revenge


Ba Sing Se

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Ba Sing Se


Ba Sing Se

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  • General of Intelligence of the Earth Kingdom
  • Master of The Spirits

Qisas is the General of Intelligence in the Earth Kingdom, stationed at Ba Sing Se, where he answers directly to the Earth King.


Qisas was a non-bender born in the slums of Ba Sing Se. He proved himself in the Earth Kingdom army as industrious and manipulative. He always had effective networks of intelligence that gave him the edge in any situation from battle to promotion.

Qisas' career in military intelligence was just as fruitful. He rose through the ranks until he became the youngest head of intelligence in the army and answered directly to the Earth King himself.

As some point before enlisting, Qisas was inducted into The Spirits mercenary company. How or when is unknown. It was discovered near the end of The Fifth Nation War, that he was the leader of the company that ruled the Ba Sing Se underworld.

As a Spirit, Qisas is the Spirit of Revenge. Unlike most of his company, who wears masks with screaming emotion, his steel mask is emotionless and cold to look at. Qisas believes his actions convey his emotions better that a face would.


  • Qisas is a relatively young man to be both leader of the Spirits and the head of intelligence.
  • Qisas has managed to stay under the radar and fool everyone, including Tala.

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