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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Earth Kingdom



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Dark Brown

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Light Green

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Sunhuai, fanzui de laoban of the Yapo, Mu'ai


Earth King Qiang Zhen

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Son of Lord Sunhuai, Heir of the Yapo


Earth Kingdom

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Book 3: Water Chapter 3: The Oppressed

Qingbai is minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He was introduced as Sunhuai's son in Chapter 3: The Oppressed, where he is known as the heir of the Yapo.


Qingbai, was born in 665 BG in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se, to father Sunhuai, fanzui de laoban of the Yapo and mother Mu'ai. People of agriculture in the agricultural sector of the Lower Ring. Somewhere in the chapter Qingbai is accused of theft where the guards now begin to abuse Sunhuai's family.

Although Sunhuai, believes his son did nothing. Qingbai, is an innocent little boy with no intentions of being evil until his father begins to teach him criminal lessons. Chapter 3, is about the Yapo being introduced as Sunhuai the narrator telling his son Qingbai the story of the Yapo and how they came to be.

In the end, Qingbai promises Sunhuai that he will be make sure the Yapo live forever, as he is the heir to the Yapo triad. When the Yapo defend Ba Sing Se from the army of Sao Feng, and Palartok, their outlooks of their triad change into a neutral organization.

Later Life

During Yangchen's life, the Yapo are much like the Dai Li. They do not align themselves with the Ba Sing Se government however they have been granted permission to oversee the guards and the townspeople of Ba Sing Se as an unseen force of justice.

Sunhuai dies a few years before Avatar Rong Yan passes away, when Qingbai takes over it remains almost the same although he trains them to be like soldiers and they fight to preserve the city of Ba Sing Se from any threats both foreign and domestic.

Eventually, after Qingbai passes away the leadership of the Yapo changes hands through different people as it was no longer a family line. Qingbai had no children. During Avatar Kuruk's life they became a small threat to Ba Sing Se after they had become corrupt by their new leader. Kuruk was sent to eliminate them all along with some soldiers of the eastern Earth Kingdom.


It is unknown whether Qingbai was born a non-bender or an earthbender. As of right now in the story he is a non-bender but later he will discover that he's an earthbender. As his father trains him instantaneously.



Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Three: Earth


  • Qingbai means 'innocence' in Chinese.

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