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Qing Tong
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Qing Tong is a former member of the Sun Warriors tribe who was banished for unknown reasons. Making his way through the Fire Nation, he would make his way to the Fire Fountain City and would witness the people bringing down the iron statue of Ozai. He would soon meet Han whose fiery passion would lead to Qing taking the boy as an apprentice.


Qing is a quiet but very noble man, commonly sharing his wisdom with young Han. He has shown to be a strong man, physically and mentally, which is why Han respects him so much. He hasn't shown to be emotional in any form, peeking Han's own curiosity. The two would often drink tea together, which Han believed was something they shared. Despite Qing's gentle, calm and very interesting persona during his time in the Sun Warriors he did something so horrendous that it lead to him being banished from the tribe and within the week an order was sent out for his execution. Leaving the tribe, he also left behind his relationships in the tribe.


A tall, elderly looking but still strong man Qing has shoulder length black hair and coal black eyes. He wears a red sleeveless shirt with a red sash around his waist. He wears a darker red colored pair of baggy pants, with red pointed shoes. His arms, from wrist to shoulder are covered in elaborate tattoo scheme that has a spiritualistic background. He has shown to wear a red headband on his head with an eye design centered at the forehead.

Sun Warrior

Qing in his youth

During his time in the Sun Warriors tribe, he wore a much more spiritual and ceremonial outfit hinting at his status as a Priest or Noble of some kind. He wore a shoulder guard, with no shirt and a simple pair of baggy red shorts with a large red cloth wrapped around his waist. He also wore red leg guards. During his teenage years, he lacked the tattoo's along his arms for an unknown reason and his hair was worn up in a standard Sun Warrior fashion.


Not much is known of Qing Tong in his youth, but it is believed he was a relative to the Chief of the Sun Warriors. Since his childhood, he was believed to be the reincarnation of a great Sun Warrior who came back to kill all who threatened the Dragons. At the fragile age of 5, the relationship with his parents were severed and he was committed to studying and training. This time in his life would scar the young Qing, changing him forever.

Nothing is known until his days as a young adult, where Qing would take the role as a Noble under the Chief himself. Both a skilled fighter and Firebender by this age, Qing would be called The Reincarnated One for his status as the reincarnation of a famed warrior. At this time, Qing would do such a horrendous deed to the Sun Warriors that would lead to his banishment from the tribe. Escaping from persecution and more than likely, execution he left the tribe with the skills he honed over the years.

Not reappearing for another few years, he would come into a simple town known as Fire Fountain City which would eventually be controlled by the Fire Nations army within the next 20 years. During the Avatars trip to the village where he was believed to have been dead, he would also meet young Han the son of the Village's Governor. In a few years, Qing would come to train Han in the field of Firebending and go as far as to teach him his own unique Firebending style that didn't bend regular fire but a pure white flame that also had healing properties when used right. As Han reached the age of 15, Qing would depart from the village for the first time in many years leaving one bronze dagger for the boy.


A skilled fighter, Firebender and overall warrior Qing has shown to be a well rounded man. His own style of combat comes from both the Sun Warriors and the Southern Dragon Claw, with a blend of brute force and attempting to throw the enemy off balance. His Firebending, which is his strongest aspect, is quite unique taking the form of a pure white flame with a yellow core. Shown to be the antithesis to the blue fire, the use of brute force is not associated with this style instead being the use of quick and fluid strikes to knock the opponent off balance and quickly striking them down as the dragon would.

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