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Qin Lee
Qin Lee
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Fire Nation


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Red Guards, Fire Nation

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Red Guard Air Force Major


Qin Lee was a male Firebender in the Fire Nation's legendary Fire Lord's Red Guards. He was part of the Air Force branch and commanded a fleet of 16 airships. He also fought during The War.


Early Life

Not much is known about Qin Lee's early life, though it is known he was born on Hing Wa Island, the Fire Nation's supplier of fruit. When he was a teen, he was drafted into the Fire Nation Army, but showed better Firebending and fighting skills than other recruits, so he was sent to the Red Guard Academy.


Qin Lee was sent to the Red Guard Headquarters island via Ozai's Royal Barge, and was sentenced to a year of training at the island.

The training was intense and brutal, and Qin Lee saw many of his friends go down during the training. He managed to survive long enough to be in the final ten. Then, everybody had to partner up in pairs. For the final test, the partners had to duel each other to the death in an arena called The Pit in front of the Fire Lord.

Qin Lee struck his partner down with much regret, and was promoted to rank lieutenant and was made part of the Air Force branch.

Coup of Ba Sing Se

After success of the coup in Ba Sing Se, the Earth Kingdom capitol, Qin Lee was one of the many Red Guards sent there to reinforce the occupation. He was mostly kept stationed at the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace and other parts of the Upper Ring. Eventually, him and his division was transferred to Ozai's Airship Base where Qin Lee worked in the communications area of one of the Airships.


During the Battle of Wulong Forest, Qin Lee was one of the Firebenders that were on the catwalks shooting down at the Earth Kingdom land, burning it to the ground. He was then tricked to go to the lower deck of the Airship, where him and the other crew members fell into the ocean. Afterwards, he survived with his crew and was retrieved and sent back to the Fire Nation.

Second War of Chin the Conqueror

After the battle at Wulong, Qin Lee was promoted to Captain and given command of a squad of Red Guards and an Airship. During the Second War of Chin the Conqueror, Qin Lee served on the front lines in the Earth Kingdom against Chin II's forces.

Qin Lee led the Red Guards to victory at the Chin Empire's capitol, Taku, and retook the city from Chin II's forces. After Chin II was assassinated, Qin Lee and his men pulled out of the Earth Kingdom.

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