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Qiang was Shaocia's cat before her offspring, Miyuki. She and her brother and mate, Chao, were found by Qui Tu and Huowoun soon after they were born, which was soon after the Battle of Taku. Their father was Kotoka, and their mother's name was unknown. She died soon after giving birth to the two of them.

When Shaocia was heavily wounded during the Murder at Taku, Qiang and Chao nursed her back to health. Shaocia learned from Kuwabara's book on Herbalism, and Chao and Qiang lived with her in the Herbalist Institute until they died. Their offspring, Miyuki, still lives with her.


  • Qiang and her relatives are cats, one of the few non-hybrid animals in the world of Avatar. Cats in the world of Avatar also appear to have very long lifespans, of thirty to forty years.

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