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Qian Zei
Qian Zei
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Earth Kingdom



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Hair color

Light Brown

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Earthbending, Hammers

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Ex-General Senlin, Crime Boss Baotu, Haoke, Dufan the Fencer, Hei Shichang gang


41st Earth King Ta Po

Chronological and political information

Financial Agent of the Dixia gang, Criminal


Financial Agent


Dixia gang

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity

Last appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination

Qian Zei is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He is the financial agent of the gang and is always running the "numbers" within the gang. Qian Zei, is important to the Dixia gang due to the fact since he has good mathematical skills, he does everything in his head and is always 95% accurate with his equations. He is also a minor character in the chapters, Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity and Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination.


Qian Zei, was not like others. Qian Zei was born in the middle ring to a middle-class family. His parents put him in a school for education, so that he does not have a hard time in life.

Academically, Qian Zei, was a gifted student in math, with his high mathematical skills, and being able to give the answer from the top of his head without having to write the problem and the work on solving the math problem on paper.

At the age of 10, Qian Zei, used to be bullied, because, he was gifted children were jealous of his ability in math, he was often bullied by a twelve-year-old boy who was a non-bender.

One day, the bully came to pick on Qian Zei, Qian Zei had enough and stepped down and punched forward at the bully sending him flying, hitting the floor a couple of feet away from Qian Zei.

Qian Zei, had discovered he was an earthbender, and was expelled from the school grounds, because, bending was not allowed in school. His mother was disappointed but his father showed a side of happiness and excitement. Not punishing Qian Zei, he signed him up for an academy for earthbenders.

Where he learned many earthbending techniques, years passed by as Qian Zei grew in experience as an earthbender and at math. Qian Zei graduated from the academy, and received his diploma and was officially known as a master earthbender at the age of 19.

The Dixia gang

His life turned to crime, when Kexings from the Mousha Quan gang had raided his home and extorted his parents, while he was a date with a girl. When he returned home he found his parents dead, and on his father's corpse he found a scroll with a cow hippo seal on it.

Qian Zei, learnt that the murderous Mousha Quan, had broke into his home stole his family riches, and killed his parents. Qian Zei, had a personal vendetta for the Mousha Quan gang, and then discovered that there was an enemy gang against the Mousha Quan.

He had went to the leader, and asked him if he could join the gang. The crime lord thought that Qian Zei was a spy from the Mousha Quan, but Qian Zei showed him the scroll that the Mousha Quan had left behind on his parents corpses.

The crime lord saw the evidence, and read the scroll and nodded, he signaled for two of his men, to jump in Qian Zei into the gang. After three minutes of the two men beating Qian Zei, he was finally a Xinxian De Rou.

If seen on the streets of the northern lower ring, Qian Zei would be attacked on setting foot of the territory, since when he was jumped in they tattooed an armadillo lion on his right bicep. To the Mousha Quan gang he is now known as a baofei. Meaning he's from the southern lower ring where he's part of the enemy gangs there.

The Dixia gang was tight on money, and was going bankrupt, the gang was going to disband. With Qian Zei's gifted talent, the Dixia gang was later known to be the richest gang in Ba Sing Se, the Hei Shichang being second.

The crime lord of the Dixia gang, after earning the trust of Qian Zei, he ranked him up to the Muzhi rank within the gang. Skipping the Jijian, Bing, and Gaoji Renyuan ranks, he was known as the crime lord's left thumb or left muzhi.

Baotu's Right Thumb

After the death of the crime lord, aka Baotu's father, during the time of his reign Qian Zei, became good friends with the crime lord's son Baotu heir to the throne of the gang.

When Baotu became the Fanzui de Laoban, Qian Zi became his right-hand man, and still financial agent of the gang, still keeping the gang at a good finance rate, and all that nonsense.

Assassination of Shan-Yu

Qian Zei had delivered the final blow to Shan-Yu, as he appeared out of nowhere and struck Shan-Yu with rock on his third eye. Disorienting Shan-Yu's third eye, Shan-Yu attempts to combust Qian Zei but the explosion occurs and kills Shan-Yu instead.

Bringing justice to his deceased parents, he later took the body outside the walls of the city and burned it. Scattering the remains of the Mousha Quan leader out in the wilderness.


Qian Zei, was born an earthbender but did not discover it until he was ten years old, when a twelve-year-old boy try to bully him, he punched a medium-sized rock at the bully, causing him to be expelled from the school.

His father placed him in an earthbending academy, and mastered earthbending at 19. In the Dixia gang he is the earthbending instructor to all earthbending Xinxian de Rou's, and gang members' earthbending children.


  • Middle-class Unknown parents (Parents; Deceased)


Preceded by
None; Position established
Dixia gang's Financial Agent
Succeeded by


  • Qian Zei is Chinese for "money thief".
  • Unlike most of the members from the Dixia gang, Qian Zei was born to a middle-class family, in the middle ring.
  • Qian Zei, was planned to be notorious leader of the murderous, cow hippo symbol representing Mousha Quan gang.
  • The term "Jump in" is gang related and means "Initiation".
  • Mousha Quan is Chinese for "murder circle".
  • Xinxian de Rou is Chinese for "fresh meat".
  • Jijian is Chinese for "fencer".
  • Bing is Chinese for "soldier".
  • Gaoji Renyuan is Chinese for "officer"
  • Muzhi is Chinese for "thumb".
  • Fanzui de Laoban is Chinese for "crime boss".
  • Baofei is Chinese for "scrap".
  • Scrap is a gang related term for "southerner" or in Spanish a "sureno".

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