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Qatil Jinorra
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Air Nomad

Birth place

Air Temple Island


Eastern Air Temple

Physical description


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Weapon of choice

Bending, Air Nomad Staff

Bending style(s)



Lio Jinora (mother), Hava Jinorra (uncle), Qatil Clan (descendants)


The Seasons, Vurmaq


Air Nomad Clans

Chronological and political information



The Seasons


Lio Jinora

Qatil Jinorra is the only child of Lio Jinora. He was a powerful airbender destined to show great potential. However, everything changed for him when he was accused and convicted of murder.


Qatil was born and raised on Air Temple Island, where his mother, Lio Jinora was Councilor of Republic City. Qatil showed great potential and had the makings of a great airbender.

Qatil knew that masters had to create new techniques. So he sought out a new way to airbend. He decided that adapting another bending form into airbending was the way to show his mastery. He studied firebending under a firebender in order to learn the forms, particularly the Dragon forms. However, he learned from a teacher who did not want him to unveil his teachings and the two got into a heated argument on Air Temple Island that broke into a fight.

By the time anyone could respond, they found Qatil and a dead body. Qatil was accused of murder, despite claiming it was self-defense. By a court of elders, he was convicted, however they couldn't bring themselves to execute him and exiled him from the United Republic and Air Nomad lands instead.

Qatil survived and for some years lived peacefully. But the friends of the man he killed tracked him down. Lio heard of it and sent Hava to find and protect him. The three parties eventually met and a fight broke out. At the same time, a storm was going that destroyed the building landing on most of the fighters except Hava and a thug.

Qatil had in fact survived, but allowed the word to spread of his death. Given that he didn't get his tattoos when he was excommunicated, it was easy for him to blend in. In time he met an earthbender named Vurmaq, a former Triple Threat Triad. The two formed an idea of making a mercenary company that had many skills, much like the Triple Threats and the Order of the White Lotus.

The Seasons were formed and became feared. While Vurmaq led, Qatil advised and trained from the shadows. Members of a high enough level would learn from Qatil how to counteract against airbenders.


Qatil was an incredibly powerful airbender with the potential to surpass his mother and uncle. Despite his exile, he was almost a master and continued training alone. Part of his unique style that he intended to use to earn his tattoos was to show the adaptations of firebending into airbending.

This gave Qatil a wider variety of techniques and forms to fight. He adapted the Dancing Dragon for airbending, as well as other movements. Qatil was also skilled with Soundbending, the sub-technique for airbending. He was skilled enough to use it to damage buildings as well as disable people from bursting their eardrums to hitting them with a wall of sound.


  • Qatil Jinorra is the 'bad guy' of the Air Nomads.
  • Qatil wears dark colors that are opposite of the Air Nomads. Black is the base of his clothing with blood red and scarlet as the secondary. The scarlet wrap is the only thing the same color.
  • Qatil will emulate Airbender Tattoos in a way that the Nomads will think of as blasphemous.

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