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Restored Eastern Air Temple
Qatil Clan
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Qatil Jinorra


Eastern Air Temple


Rebuilding Air Nomad culture and society under the teachings of Qatil Jinorra

The Qatil Clan are the descendants of Air Nomad and assassin Qatil Jinorra. They rebuilt their culture and society on his views and took the Eastern Air Temple as their home. They are often called the Assassins of the East.


After the defeat at Black River in the Fifth Nation War, a wounded Qatil Jinorra fled to the Eastern Air Temple. He had already made himself at home at the Temple, but now lived in exile after the destruction of the Seasons.

A new clan of airbenders rose from his descendants, a clan trained in the way of assassins. The Clan also had recovered much of their history in the air temple sanctuary hidden deep in the temple. Using this, they were able to develop their culture to match the much larger and older clans.


As assassins, the culture of the Qatils varied from the proper clans wildly. Qatils believed in eliminating threats quickly and mercilessly. This clashed further with the rich histories the clan possessed from the sanctuary.

Mastery in the clan was two-tiered. Mastering the element earned the red sash that the clansmen wore over their black clothes. Mastering the way of assassination and airbending was required in order to earn the black arrow tattoos.


Sunrise at Eastern Air Temple

The Qatils took the Eastern Temple as their home while in exile from the Clans.

The Qatil Clan took the isolated Eastern Air Temple as their home. From here, they were far enough from the proper clans to stay off the radar and not be hunted by any particular government.


Qatil has maintained a status of not belonging to a nation, not by claiming sovereignty but rather claiming to be a global enterprise. This way, they are able to create outpost for their clansmen in other nations and still operate in a semi-legal function. Though judicial forces try to prevent and take down the Qatil's, they are always one step ahead of them.


  • Qatil Jinorra's clan held onto his use of black arrow tattoos.
  • The Fire Nation has an agreement with the Air Nation not to have any diplomatic relations with the Qatil Clan. The Fire Nation publicly honors this, but they covertly hire the assassins when they can't finish a job themselves.

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