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Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe (formerly)
Southern Water Tribe


41 by Book Two: Spirits


130 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice



His wife, his brother, Bagguk (formerly), Northern Water Tribe, Southern Water Tribe


Bagguk, Massak, Cannaq, Hallaq, Urrana, Hoddo, Poshehn, Gohonn, the Paladin army

Chronological and political information

Commander of the Northern Water Tribe army (formerly)


Water Tribes

Qallo was a former commander and soldier of the Northern Water Tribe who later moved with his brother to the Southern Water Tribe. He became the father of Bagguk, who would become one of the first six Paladins following Harmonic Convergence.


Qallo and born and raised in the Northern Water Tribe. While none of his siblings or family were waterbenders, he and his brother excelled in physical combat, and rose up the ranks to become commanders for a time. Qallo and his brother left the north sometime before dark spirits attacked it, and were shocked when prince Tonraq arrived in the South, having been banished for almost destroying the North.

Qallo often preached about Northern superiority to the people of the South, and even began his own small group of northerners to help desecrate the homes of those he felt a threat to northern rule.

Qallo eventually grew tired of fighting his new tribesman, and fell in love with Issa, who came from the United Republic. They began a family together, and had a son they named Bagguk.

For many years, Qallo's view of the south changed, no longer seeing them as the unruly savages his father had described them, but still held an undying loyalty to the north. Qallo raised his son to respect both tribes.

Water Tribe Civil War

As tensions arose between the North and South, Qallo became an easy target for southern rebels. Though Qallo tried to remain neutral, he did voice his disdain over the attempted abduction of chief Unalaq.

He also began ordering Bagguk to remain inside during curfew. However one the night of Harmonic Convergence, Bagguk's best friend Massak convinced him to sneak out, and they headed into the Tundra.

Qallo and Issa were left worried for days after Bagguk and his friends went missing. Qallo even offered to go with a scouting party the night his son was found but chose to stay with Issa in case it turned out for the worse.


Qallo maintained a strong loyalty to the Northern Water Tribe, but knew to stay neutral during the Civil War of 171 AG. Qallo believed in giving everyone an equal chance, and soon learned to accept the southerners as his new tribesman, originally viewing them as savages; a view he was raised on by his family in the North.

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