By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Pyramid Head
Pyramid head
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Silent Hill Universe

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Giant Ish Kash


Melasa, Team Avatar


Smile Dog, SCP

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Tennessee Kid PT3

Pyramid Head is a mysterious and scary individual that appears time and time again throughout the Avatar: New Universe II series. This strange person is very tall, close to the height of Slenderman, and also had a huge helmet in the shape of a pyramid he's forced to wear all the time, giving him the name. This helmet is actually a torture device, a part of some punishment that's unknown to date. For some reason, he hates the S.C.P, although during his traveling before the story, he had stolen a deadly sword from the Avatar World known as the Ish Kash, or ghost sword.

The SCP was originally going to make many different, more deadly versions of their "new member's" sword, called the Storm Flower. However, Pyramid Head had stolen a larger version of the Storm Flower and renamed it "Demon's Hatchet". The powers that the beta Storm Flower has is that it increased in demon power, strong enough to knock Smile Dog out, which has a ton of power in order to do so.

Avatar: New Universe II

Pyramid Head first appears right behind Smile Dog when he not only scares them all off, but potentially kills Smile Dog. He leaves a note for the groups trapped in the Ice Age, the Wild West, Japan, Egypt, and the Medieval times, each one as a clue to where S.C.P is located and where The Duke, Azula and members of the H.I.V.E are located. It isn't clear why he's trying to help Team Avatar out, since in the original world he's best known as a psychopathic demon.

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