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Anubis Rising


Book 1:Water



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Voice of Koi

Earth; Fire; Air; Water.

When I was a girl, my mother used to tell me stories of how the Avatar, master of all four elements, reunited the four nations, and brought peace and harmony back.

But then, the new Earth King attacked, set out for revenge. And when the world needed him most, the Avatar vanished.

A hundred years have passed, and my brother and I found the new Avatar, a young Firebender named Anubis. And, even though his Firebending skills are great, he still needs a lot of work before he becomes the Avatar.

But I believe Anubis can save the world.


Announcer Something suspicious is going on in the Earth Kingdom Palace. Kyano, the new Earth King, is not acting like himself. Meanwhile, Kyano has set out a full-blown search for the Avatar. Once he gets his hands on the young Avatar, nothing will be safe.

Chapter 2: Pursuit

Koi was sitting on a cold, wooden bench, in front of a metal table. Not the kind of setting for a restaurant by a harbor, but at least the building was heated. Koi was sitting down, towel over her shoulders, cup of hot cocoa in front of her, and, like usual, lost in thought.

She couldn't help but keep thinking about her dream. She felt a connection to Anubis like none other, but she didn't know what it was. Was it that Anubis felt the same way about her? Or was it that he would eventually turn on her? Either way, she was still puzzled.

"Koi?" Sonng's voice broke her out of her thoughts. "Anyone home?" Sonng was sitting in front of her, though it was funny, for Koi didn't even hear Sonng come up.

"Sorry I'm just..." she began.

"Thinking?" Sonng finished. Koi nodded. "That's my little sister," Sonng added, ruffling her hair. Koi felt a pang of guilt in her stomach from his words.

She was just going to say something when Anubis walked in, three tickets in his hand. "I got us a boat!" he exclaimed loudly.

"Okay, okay, calm down," Sonng encouraged him. "Do you want everyone in the restaurant to hear you?"

Anubis looked around at the empty diner. His gaze turned to Sonng as he retorted, "What people?" Koi couldn't help but snicker before she added, "And that's my brother." Anubis sat down in front of Koi. Koi was still snickering, but when Anubis sat down, all laughter in her voiced faded away. Anubis looked at her with curious eyes. This was not the Koi he first met.

"Well," Sonng said, interrupting both of their thoughts. "Don't we need to get going, Mr. Sarcasm?"

"Yes," Anubis said, ignoring Sonng's remark. "We do." He brushed past Sonng, hitting his shoulder.

Anubis, Koi, and Sonng walked up the ramp, onto the huge, fifty-foot-high metal boat. Koi was speechless the whole way in the boat, and into their room.

"Okay, so the boat will make three stops," Anubis explained. "First, we'll go to the Northern Air Temple, Kyoshi Island, the main port at the Fire Nation," Anubis paused before adding, "And finally to the South Pole."

Koi looked into Anubis' eyes. For the first time since they got on the boat, she whispered into his ear, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he whispered. He sounded distant, far off in his own thoughts. Koi just kept staring at him until he finally said, "Well, dinner will be soon. You two go ahead," he said, looking to Koi and Sonng. "I'm going to take a shower."

"Okay," Koi said, concern in her voice. Sonng led the way to the Dining hall, Koi right behind him. She could only think of Anubis, and the way he was acting. She didn't know what it was, but she knew something was wrong.

As they took their seats in the dining hall, Koi found she was still thinking about Anubis. She tried to push the thought away, but she couldn't.

The waiter snapped Koi out of her thoughts as he said, "What would you like to drink, Ma'am?"

"Oh," Koi said, surprised. "I'll take some tea, thank you." The waiter nodded, and turned away to the kitchen. Sonng looked suspiciously at her.

"Are you okay?" he asked her. It was ironic, because Koi asked Anubis the same thing in their room.

"I'm fine," she said. "It's getting late," she said, glancing at the glass doors. "I'm going to check on Anubis."

"Okay," Sonng said. "But be back before the main course," he added, but Koi didn't hear him.

Koi tried to walk as fast as she could down the hall, trying not to trip on her long, flowing, black dress, or slip on the red velvet carpets. This is a fancy boat," she thought.

Koi finally got to the door, and slowly opened it. The door squeaked just as she opened it, but nobody would have heard it over Koi's concerned, rasping breaths. She walked in, just as Anubis was getting out of the bathroom, only in his underwear. Anubis looked down to the floor, just before looking up, seeing Koi, and closing the door instantly. Koi closed the door of the room, too.

Koi drew in a long, deep breath. She closed her eyes, and the image of Anubis standing there appeared in her mind again. This time, she noticed he had scars all over his chest. Some were new, most likely from the fight at the North Pole, but there were some that looked like they were old. Koi leaned her back against the door, and thought.

Anubis was so shocked to see Koi, he shut the door instantly, and went into panic mode. His mind raced with questions; did she see me? Did I make a fool of myself? Did she see my scars? He took in a long, deep breath. He leaned his back against the bathroom door. He then remembered he left his clothes in the room. He cursed under his breath, and slowly opened the door.

He quickly ran over to his bed, the third bed, closest to the window, and grabbed his clothes. He raced to put his pants on – well, not his, but the ones he was going to wear – and put his shirt on. He ran over to the door, and laid his head on it. He could hear Koi's loud, rasping breaths.

He could just barely say, "K-Koi?"

Koi's eyes were opened wide with shock, before saying, "I-I didn't know you were in there! I swear! I'm sorry."

"It's okay," he said, as he put his hand on the door. Koi just happened to turn around, lay her head on the door, and place her hand exactly where Anubis' was. They both stood there for a minute, embracing the moment.

Anubis finally said, "Are you ready to go to dinner?"

Koi replied – for the first time since her dream – smoothly, "Yes."

Anubis opened the door, took Koi's arm, and walked her down the red velvet carpet. Both of them didn't notice, because they were too occupied on each other. Anubis walked Koi through the double glass-paned doors, and into the huge dining area. It had two levels, a staircase going up to the top, and a neatly placed kitchen, where no one would notice.

The waiter came up to their table, and was about to say something, before three Fire Nation Warriors burst through the door. They they ordered all benders to follow them.

Anubis, Koi, and Sonng all looked at each other. "What do we do?" asked Koi to Anubis.

"We have to obey," Anubis replied drearily. Anubis sat up, took Koi's arm, and walked her out the door. They walked straight out into the open air, where a whole legion of Fire Warriors were waiting. Koi tensed, and Anubis whispered in her ear, "Don't be afraid. I'll protect you."

"But what if they try to kill us?" Koi responded.

"They won't," Anubis said, confidently.

The head Fire Warrior announced, "We are looking for the Avatar." Both Anubis and Koi tensed. "We know he is somewhere on this boat. If anyone has any hits on where he might be, talk now." To their surprise, everybody on the boat, except for Koi and Sonng, pointed to Anubis, while Anubis just smiled and cowardly waved.

Anubis then took off running, letting goof Koi, and making a break for the upper decks. Koi followed him, just as quickly as she could. Sonng finally caught up with her; he had to push his way through the crowd. They both tried to catch up with Anubis.

When he got to the top deck, he saw land ahead. He also saw Koi and Sonng nearly to him, a legion of Fire Warriors behind them. Anubis pointed to land ahead – most likely Kyoshi Island – then pointed up, signaling he was going to try to fly over to the island. Koi and Sonng stopped, saw his signal, and nodded.

Koi was glad she had extra clothes on under her dress. When she blasted off with her water tornado, her black dress dropped off, and she was left with a short-sleeve Water Tribe shirt, long blue pants, and brown boots. It's not perfect, she thought, but it'll do. She blasted off, trying to catch up with Anubis. She glanced behind her shoulder, and through the water droplets she could just barely make out Sonng, using Metalbending this time, taking a piece of metal from the boat, and using it to propel him.

They finally landed on the shore of Kyoshi Island. Just before she landed, she saw Anubis fall somewhere on-shore. Koi and Sonng both searched for Anubis. Sonng yelled to Koi when he, finally, found Anubis, knocked out behind a group of bushes.

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