By Neo Bahamut Part of the Republic City Renaissance continuity.
Spoiler, see "Book 0"
Biographical information

Purist Leader (general), Leader (Purists), Purie (Author)


Kyoshi Island (Revoked)


Kyoshi Islander

Birth place

Kyoshi Island, possibly Koko Village


Republic City (Presumed homeless, now incarcerated)




129 AG, early fall



Physical description






Hair color

Brown, usually bobbed and poorly combed

Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Various; favors katana, poison, bolas, and concealed weapons (esp. bombs and retractable shield)

Fighting style(s)

Weapons, chi blocking

Bending style(s)



Chi blocking, resistance to pain, precise hand-eye coordination, above average strength, speed, and agility, knowledge of; strategy, poisons, medicine


Aki Hayashi (mother)




RCPD, Republic City Council, Kyoshi Island, Benders, Triads, Aroma, Euryale, Thiera

Chronological and political information

Crime boss


Leader and Founder of Purists




Kyoshi Warriors

First appearance

"An Unlikely Hero"


Disappointed in the potential that was not lived up to with the Equalists, I wanted a formidable nonbending villain who could explain the roots of the organization. She also parallels Aroma, showing the great potential that even nonbenders have, for better or worse.


Though it is common knowledge that the Purist Leader must hail from Kyoshi Island, the specifics of her identity are unknown, due to her status as a legal nonperson. What is known is that, in the year 160 AG, she surfaced in the Dragon Flats Borough of Republic City with a mission to kill members of the Bending Triads. Initially, her group efficiently executed their victims and staged the crime scenes to look like fights between rivals which grew out of hand. However, as the gang grew, the RCPD caught onto them. Rather than be intimidated by this, they sent a newspaper clipping declaring themselves the "Purists," after Dr. Avici's theory that nonbenders were "the purest" in terms of physical and mental normality.

According to Euryale, she was active between 5 and 15 years ago, and her mother was killed fighting pirates shortly before the events of Book 0.

Book 0

The Purist Leader attacks the cab containing Aroma and Thiera, after receiving a bad tip that it contained a witness they were trying to eliminate. They escape due to Aroma's quick thinking. Later, she disguises herself and burns down the Dragon Flats Clinic, also attempting (but fortunately failing, thanks to Euryale) to burn all of the bending staff and patients within.

When the Purists abduct Aroma, she speaks with the Healer about their plans several times. This prompts her to realize that Hikari Hayashi, the girl she saw in the Spirit World, was actually a younger version of the Purist Leader herself. Hikari was apparently kicked out of the Kyoshi Warriors due to insubordination, though she was convinced it was envy. Ironically, she never wanted to become a warrior, but when she realized she had no other choice, she sought to become as "strong" as possible, which to her meant a brutal and efficient killer.

After being banished from her island home, she wandered around and, seeing the way that benders mistreated nonbenders, headed for Republic City to start the Purists.


Contrary to the doctor's theories, the Purist Leader is an unhinged woman who lives off of the grid and outside of the system, focusing on little other than destroying Benders. She becomes enraged at anything which makes her seem weak or foolish, not resting until it is destroyed or dominated. She can be both cunning and patient, as well as impulsive and aggressive, making her difficult to predict. She obviously hates Benders, though it did not become clear why for some time.

Aroma and her friends eventually came to see the Purist Leader in another light, as someone dedicated to protecting the weak, miserable and angry at what she feels she needs to do. Whether or not that inspired sympathy for her is up for debate.


The Purist Leader is an original character, conceived for the Legend of Korra setting, loosely inspired by Suki and Avatar Kyoshi.


  • Since being disowned by the Kyoshi Warriors, she's shown a neglect towards the trappings of the organization, not wearing her make-up or bothering to repair her kimono, and using the razor fans only when incognito. She never saw the group as honorable or comrades.
  • I'd originally planned for the final battle with the Purist Leader to take place in the Pro-Bending stadium, where she would die in a scene that mirrored Amon's defeat, prompting Amon to accuse the RCPD of murder. While this was more dramatic, the location didn't make much sense in the plot. I also eventually decided that it would be interesting to explore the ethical questions posed by her survival, and Amon could still argue police brutality.
  • To alleviate any confusion about her weapons and armor, they are a platinum-steel alloy, with platinum coating. If the coating is breached, it would be possible, but difficult, to metalbend them. But, pragmatically speaking, they are essentially unbendable.
  • Unlike their Leader, the rest of the Purists were not given expensive armor by Kyoshi Island. They mostly used plastic, though some weapons had to remain steel, used either in ambushes or against non-metalbenders.
  • She was never aware of Amon's true name or identity, and never saw his face. She believed his false backstory, and knew nothing of his plans to usurp her and reform the Purists into the Equalists.

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