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When a bender returns to the spiritual home and masters of their art, they can learn a new way of bending that the original benders used before the time of humans. When they've mastered these original techniques, they can draw power from the first masters like they did from nature, and become "Pure Benders". Aang is the most useful example, as he learnt all his bending from people who'd been taught by the masters.


Most Firebenders, apart from Aang, Zuko, Zhong Zhong and Iroh draw their energy for firebending from hatred, rage or anger. Zuko, once he'd joined Aang's group, lost all his Firebending abilities until he tracked down the Dragons (The first Firebenders) with him and they learnt a new way to Firebend without their fire being fueled by violence. 


Waterbenders, in a sense, are all Pure Benders, as they all draw their power from the Moon, the original Waterbender. This is why when Admiral Zhao killed one of the two Moonfish in the Northern Water Tribe, all Waterbenders lost their abilities.


Not much is known about the original source of Airbending, other than Flying Bison like Appa were the original Airbenders.


The only true example of pure Earthbending is Toph. When she became scared and hid in a cave as a child, she met her teachers, who were also the first Earthbenders, the Badger Moles. This is why, in "The Blind Bandit" she was able to beat Earthbenders who were twice the age and higher.

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