Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Puppets of Fire in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Sozin and his army
Puppets of Fire
This story takes place during the start of the 100 year war
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This is a fanon of my life, a young firebender whose service is called up by the army in order to complete the wishes of Fire Lord Sozin. It is strange to us, strange to be called upon no mayor threat, that the army is growing, and that we're ordered to express our hate and anger and repel compassion and mercy. We will march soon, the question is: where?


  • Tonekai : The protagonist of this story, he starts off as a young firebender with noble thoughts and feelings, but as he grows up, during his military training and his battles he changes into a cruel and power seeking corporal, fueling his power with rage, the noble boy that was is almost gone.
  • Li Zhao : The best friend of Tonekai since they were kids, they practiced they're firebending together, when the army started to recruit, he was happy to find himself in the same battalion as his friend. In time to realize how he changed.
  • Tian : A female warrior from the Earth Kingdom, trained in the art of the stealth and a specialist with the chain whip. She is strong and dedicated to what she does, but can also be very caring.
  • Marshall Song : A cruel middle aged man, who disciplines his soldiers and officials by the whip. Any doubt, any mercy, any forgiveness is a blasphemy for him.
  • Fire Lord Sozin : The grand authority of the nation, his actions change the way we live, his word change the way we think, and his anger changes the world.


Book 1: We March

  1. Fanon:The Sound of the Waves

Book 2: Breathing Fire

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