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An Airbender's Wrath

Lu Ming waited on his throne as he waited for Lee Chun to be brought to him. The 118-year-old airbender had just finished wiping the blood from his hands when his master Des brought the boy before him. The two earthbender's gazes were drawn to the source of the blood. A poor messenger who'd been the victim of Lu Ming's unique style of airbending. There didn't appear to be any type of trauma done to him from the outside, save for a few bruises here and there but nothing severe enough to splatter blood just about everywhere.

"What in the name of the spirit's happened?" Lee thought as Lu Ming turned anger filled eyes towards him.

"Des, leave us." Lu Ming said before turning around. Des bowed respectfully before turning and leaving his apprentice to Lu Ming's fury. Lee waited for Lu Ming to turn around strike him down. He waited a minute nothing happened. Another minute, still nothing. After three minutes still nothing had happened. Lee was sweating like a boarcupine as he found it harder to stand. Suddenly it happened, the air on top of Lee felt like it weighed a ton as he fell to the ground. The air itself threatened to crush him as Lu Ming spoke.

"Marvelous technique isn't it?" he asked. "It took me a long time to figure out how to control not only the air but the air's pressure. Even longer to correctly apply it to battle scenarios." Lu Ming glanced at the boy as he struggled to rise to his feet. Lu Ming applied more pressure, bring a small line of sweat to his brow. "It was only after I mastered this technique that I allowed myself to receive my tattoos." Lu Ming gave Lee another glance. This time the young earth bender seemed to be struggling just to breathe. He stopped his "pressure bending" and let the boy catch his breath before he stood over him.

"What did you want me for?" Lee gasped as he wiped the sweat from his brow.

"I know that you didn't know that General Gin was the one who hired us to kill the Avatar and his friends about 10 years ago." Lu Ming explained, "Des told me that you received the order to kill him from Lady Sa, but I can't take that at face value. You see Des and Sa don't exactly like each other. The amount of times they've tried to get each other into trouble with me is simply amazing. So I'm asking you. Did Lady Sa order you to kill Gin, and if so why did you accept her mission?"

Lee looked into Lu Ming's eyes and saw only two options tell the truth and live, or lie and die.

Weeding out the Rat

Lu Ming briskly paced through the tunnels of Home Base to Ursa's chamber. As he walked several assassin filed in behind him, among them Des and Lian. Des seemed eager while Lian seemed slightly nervous. "Understandable." Lu Ming thought as he rounded a corner. "After all Ursa has played her deception well. I remember my exact thoughts when I found out her identity. I should've killed her then but she had far to many supporters. She would have turned half the order against me. Besides she was doing her job well and was killing her targets." Lu Ming scowled at his naiveté. Well now that it was abundantly obvious that she had betrayed them, there would be no worries of a civil war among the assassins.

Lu Ming allowed himself a small smile when he thought of Lee's confession. He did indeed rat out Ursa, or "Lady Sa" as the rest of the order knew her. But his reason for accepting her mission was an obvious lie.

"I just wanted an opportunity to prove my worth to the Black Lotus." Lee said as his head dropped. "That's all."

The kid couldn't lie to save his life. Lee might not of been entirely honest about his reasons, but he had a feeling it had to do with something about his personal life not being revealed. Either way Ursa's time with the Black Lotus was over.

Lu Ming and his group of assassins had assembled outside Ursa's chambers. Lu Ming motioned for the assassins to be ready as he raised his open palm to the door. With a mighty push Lu Ming used his airbending to push the door completely off its hinges. In a matter of seconds Des, Lian, and others assassins filed into the room. But it was empty.

As Lu Ming stormed into Ursa's chambers none of the assassins noticed Ursa standing around the corner, with a small smile on her face. The smile disappeared though as she seemed to melt into the shadows. Her cover may be blown but she still has a job to do here.

"I have to get "them" out of here." She whispered as she moved through the shadows, almost as well as Zuko did 10 years ago.

Unforgiving and Psychopathic

Lee sat in the mess hall staring at his bowl of stew while he pretended to listen to Nikki tell him about her old life. Even though he brought the topic up he didn't listen to her. He just needed her to keep his mind busy. It didn't work and his thoughts quickly turned to Toph. For the past few days his mind was wrought with guilt as he realized it was his fault she was now a prisoner of the Black Lotus.

"Hey did you hear about the new prisoner?" an assassin asked his friend as they down at the table behind Lee.

"You mean the blind girl?" his friend asked, drawing Lee's attention before saying, "Yeah what about her?"

"I hear Des is going to be interrogating her soon." The first assassin said, "She probably won't last long."

"Kind of a shame really." The other assassin lamented, "She's pretty easy on the eyes."

"Hey, maybe they'll let us 'have some fun' with her before they start." The first one said driving Lee over the edge. Lee shot up from his seat, grabbed the assassin sitting behind him and drove his fist into the man's face, knocking several teeth from his mouth. The entire mess hall silenced themselves as they stared at Lee. The assassin he hit got up slowly holding his jaw, as blood streamed from his mouth. The assassin then grabbed a knife from the table and stabbed for Lee's chest. Lee stepped out of the knife's path and grabbed the man's wrist. With a jerk of his hand, he twisted the wrist to an unnatural angle causing him to drop the knife. Lee grabbed his own knife and slammed the man's hand on the table before driving the blade though his palm into the table. As the man screamed Lee turned and left the mess hall.

Lee raced through the halls to the prison cells. He quickly found Toph's cell and threw open the door. Toph was suspended in the air by her wrists, and had her feet bound together. The jailors were careful to use rope instead the usual chains. When Lee entered the room Toph must have heard his footsteps cause she turned her head to face him.

"Who's there?" she called without the slightest hint of fear in her voice, only anger and frustration.

"It's me." Lee whispered as he drew a knife to cut Toph down. He reached up and grabbed the rope keeping her in the air, but was surprised when Toph brought her bound legs up and caught Lee in his groin.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" Toph practically yelled at Lee as he fell to the ground. "You betrayed me! You sold me out just to save your own worthless hide!"

"No I didn't." Lee said as he rose, trying to defend himself, "I..."

"Then why aren't you locked up in a cell with me?" Toph asked, "Better yet, why am I even in a cell to begin with?"

"Yes Lee please do tell us." A cocky voice called from the doorway. Lee spun around and saw Gao standing in the doorway with a smug grin on his face. In a panic Lee launched the knife at Gao only to have the crazy man spin around it. Before Lee could react Gao closed the distance between them and kicked Lee in the chest, launching him against the wall. As Gao waited for Lee to make his next move, the young earthbender gathered stone from the wall around his fist and forearm. Lee swung his rock-covered limb at Gao hoping to catch him in the jaw. But Gao stepped back from the attack and merely smiled as Lee pressed forward. No matter how hard Lee tried however he simply couldn't keep up with Gao's bizarre movements. The entire time Toph was yelling, "What is going on?"

Finally Gao seemed to have had enough and while he was dodging another of Lee's attacks he spun around and kicked Toph across the face, knocking her out, while saying, "Shut it, bitch." Enraged Lee charged forward, only for Gao to catch him in his gut with his foot. "And you seriously need to calm down." He said as he continued to kick Lee in the chest and stomach. "Otherwise your gonna get yourself..." Gao began as he spun around while lifting his foot, "seriously hurt." Gao finished as he kicked Lee in the chin, knocking him out of the cell. Gao looked at the defeated man lying on the ground outside the cell and then at Toph. "Tempting." He said as he exited the cell, giving Lee another kick to the gut. "You're lucky girlie, lucky Des wants the pleasure of taking care of you himself." Gao said to Toph as he shut the cell door.

Lee looked up to find Gao leaning over him. "What now, you freak?' he asked before spitting blood from his mouth. "You gonna kill me?"

"Why would I do that?" Gao asked with a sadistic smile. "It's going to be more fun to watch you break apart when your master takes your girlfriend apart."

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