Pull Me Back
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May 18th 2017

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Yeah, it's a scene from a movie we've all seen, only with Korrasami. Don't like it, don't read it. I'm also saying up front that I'm not going to do the entire movie, so don't bother asking. If you really want to read a good rendition of Titanic only with the characters from The Legend of Korra, go read Those In Peril On the Sea by boasamishipper. Great version, and I don't see how I can add to that. Thanks to Korra2000 for this idea.

"I saw my whole life as if I already lived it. An endless parade of parties and cotillions, yachts, and polo matches. Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter. I felt like I was standing at the edge of a great precipice, no one to pull me back, no one who cared, or even noticed."

Asami was running down the deck towards the stern of the ship, not caring that she was knocking into people who stared after her, the finely dressed young woman who was crying, and out on a cold April night without either a coat, hat, or gloves.

And yeah, it probably was pretty cold, but Asami didn't notice. There was too much on her mind to notice. In a couple of minutes, it wouldn't matter anyway.

Down a few flights of stairs, up another one, and she was only stopped by the railing when there really was no more ship. The bright lights under the flag post were clear: this was the end.

Slowly but surely, Asami climbed onto the railing, being hampered by her fine red dress at every step, but by clinging on to the ropes holding the flag up, she made it over to the other side. One last look down the deck of the ship showed that no one had come after her. No one cared. No one noticed. No one to pull her back.

Asami turned around, seeing the violently sloshing water from the propellers far below her. A fall like that would probably kill her. It would be painless.

"Don't do it!" a voice suddenly said behind her.

Asami whirled around, seeing another young woman standing there. "Back off! I'll let go!"

"It's not worth it." She was definitely cautious with her approach but slowly inched her way forward.

"Stay there!" Asami yelled. "I promise I'll do it!" She was hoping she'd be alone for this. This woman was a distraction she definitely didn't want.

"Come on, I'll pull you back over."

She was getting on Asami's nerves now. "I'll let go if you don't back off!"

"You won't let go," she said with a calm confidence, like she was talking about the weather, not someone about to kill themselves.

"Don't tell me what I can and cannot do," Asami protested. "You don't know me, why are you even talking to me?"

The woman shrugged while she took a drag from her cigarette. "I'm... desperate for a chat."

Asami scoffed. "Go away, you're distracting me."

"Can't," she said while tossing the butt of her cigarette over the railing. "I'm involved now. We have a connection."

This woman was astounding Asami. "No we don't! You're just bothering me."

"And yet we're still talking. So if you jump now, I'm gonna have to jump in there after you."

She was still slowly inching her way forward, giving Asami a closer look at her. She was definitely steerage, judging from her slightly choppy short hair and scruffy clothes. Her boots were worn out, and there were so many patches on her pants Asami couldn't quite tell what color they were when they were new.

That being said, she did look good, with her dark skin and handsome face. And when she shrugged out of her coat, it revealed that she had quite a strong build.

"Don't be absurd," Asami said. "The fall alone would kill you."

The woman took another step closer and peered over the railing. "That wouldn't kill you. There's air in the water from the propellers, it's not as solid. Might break a few of your bones, that would hurt like hell. Worst part is the water itself though." She put her foot on what looked like an anchor to untie her shoelaces.

And suddenly Asami was a lot more hesitant. She was convinced it would be a quick and easy way to go, but the way this woman was describing it, it sounded like it would be horribly painful. "What about the water?"

"It's freezing - literally. Salt water gets really cold." She was now out of both boots. "I'm from Alaska and once fell through some thin sea ice. That was the most painful experience of my life. You'd be in too much pain to even think about breathing, let alone swimming. It feels like you're being stabbed all over your body at the same time." She put her hands on the railing next to Asami. "Which is why I'm not looking forward to jumping in after you."

Now Asami was pretty much convinced this was a bad idea. Never mind the fact that she had been moments away from ending her own life, but that it would hurt so much was not something she wanted.

"So I'm actually kind of hoping that you'll climb back aboard so that I don't have to," she continued, flashing a crooked grin.

"You're crazy!"

She just kept on smiling. "Maybe I am, but between the two of us, I'm not to one hanging off the back of a ship."

Asami looked down, seeing that the woman was holding out her hand for Asami to take. "Okay," she sighed, and slowly started turning around, feeling slightly safer with the woman's firm grip around her hand. "I'm Asami Sato," she said when they were facing each other. It wasn't until now that she realized how stunningly blue her eyes were.

"Korra Waters," she replied. "Come on. One step at a time."

And we all know what happens next. Dinner, dancing, jealous fiancé, romance, drawing, iceberg, sinking, death, skip 84 years and Kate Winslet turns into Gloria Stuart who tosses the diamond—that would have made her grandchildren obscenely rich—into the fucking ocean. Bam, that just saved three hours.

All joking aside though, I wanted to do this for a while; a well-known scene from one of my favorite movies. Yeah, I said it, come get me. I know it's not perfect, but as MovieBob said: "The whole 'poor boy, rich girl'-thing may indeed be hokey as hell by the time you get to the lobby, but in the theater people were sobbing their goddamn eyes out and you know it." Bottom line, I love this movie.

Lastly, as a reward for those of you who actually bother reading all of this, since my inspiration for these has been running so low, I'm taking prompts on Tumblr. Feel free to find me there.

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