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March 6, 2017

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Truth be told, Asami didn't really know why she was here. Oh wait, yes she did, it was because those dickheads in the garage wouldn't get a move on with fixing her car. It probably would have been easier to do it herself, but she was stuck for time and they assured her it would be done by tomorrow.

Of course, by now, 'tomorrow' was last week, so she'd have had plenty of time to fix it over the weekend, Sunday morning would have been good enough. Fucking pricks. If only her little Alfa had broken down on a Friday instead of a Wednesday, she could have just done it herself. Probably even be nice, a little bit of tinkering, but nope, garage was the only option.

But Asami still had to get from A to B and was thus condemned to public transport for the time being.

This was a problem on more than one level. For starters, it was slow. Even the traffic-excuse that so many people fall back on when defending it wasn't holding any water right now. Because of the way she had to get around, buses were the only real option. Subways would take even longer and taxis would get very expensive very quickly, and even Asami didn't have that kind of money.

Then there was the main reason she hated public transport: the people. Good God did she hate the people. It didn't help that she was already something of an introvert and would avoid meeting new people if it was at all possible, but this made life extra difficult. Because it was also the line that many college students had to take from a large off-campus dorm to downtown, it was always busy, meaning that it was cramped and warm at the best of times. At worst, someone plonked next to her who either smelled like they hadn't had a shower in a week or spent the entire trip staring at her breasts. Asami didn't even get that last one, her breasts weren't that amazing.

All in all, she couldn't wait for her car to be fixed so that she would never have to suffer through the misery of public transport again.

Today was definitely one of the worst days so far. It was Friday, which meant that many students went out partying, and Asami'd had the longest day ever. It was one in the morning, and she was actually feeling quite good as she left her office. Yes, it was preposterously late, but on the other hand, she did get to finish those blueprints she'd been trying to do all week but never got around to.

Everyone kept disturbing her, and Asami worked best on those kinds of things when she was on her own. Reading through contracts and other files was fine if she was disturbed every now and again, but for designs, she needed to be 'in the zone', which she most certainly had been tonight, and she left high on her sense of accomplishment.

But again, that only lasted until her bus came. It was full of rowdy drunken college students, which was the worst kind. Yes, she knew how old that made her sound even though she hadn't hit 30 yet, but it was true. After a day like she just had, all she wanted was a nice trip home and a warm bed where she could sleep until about eleven, have a nice brunch, and maybe finally catch up with Black Sails.

A quick assessment of the passengers didn't give her much hope, but there was some good news. One free pair of seats, and behind them were two older students, one man who looked passed out, and a woman who looked like his girlfriend taking care of him. They were higher to make room for the engine and drivetrain, she knew, but it was good enough for her. At least they'd be quiet.

For the most part, they actually were, and Asami wasn't bothered by them at all. Everyone else was loud, but at least that ensured she wouldn't miss her stop.

Everything went fine, until they were nearly at the dorm, something which she was actually looking forward to. Most of the students would get off there, meaning the bus would be a lot more quiet for the remainder of the journey, which was another 25 minutes.

That was, until Asami heard a distressed voice come from behind her.

-"Oh God, Bo, NO!"

Too late. By the time Asami processed it and started to turn around, she felt something warm splash on her back and instantly knew what it was. She didn't even need to wait for the acrid smell, even though that did confirm her worst fears. She jumped up, brimming with anger. "What. The. FUCK!"

The woman looked guilty above all else. "I'm so sorry!" she quickly said. "Bolin had too much to drink, he couldn't help it!"

"So he throws up on me?!" Asami yelled back, eyes spitting fire. She looked over to the man, who looked pretty much too dazed to be aware of what he just did.

-"How far do you have to go?"

"End of the line."

-"That's really far. You can come take a shower at my place, it's at the next stop, I'll give you some clean clothes, and, uhh... we'll pay for the dry cleaner!" she quickly added.

Asami eyed her up. Even though it wasn't her fault, she did look genuinely guilty about the whole debacle. Even her beautiful dark skin couldn't cover up the fact that she was turning beet red, and her big blue eyes were definitely in puppy-dog setting. "Fine." She was still angry, but directing that at this woman who appeared to be genuine about her offer and her guilt wasn't going to get them anywhere. She decided to stand for the last little bit, arching her back in such a way that she didn't have to feel the wet and sticky sensation on her back as much.

Soon, they came to a halt again, and the woman told Asami to get off before helping the man out of his seat, albeit with some difficulty.

"What's your name?" Asami finally asked.

-"Korra. This knucklehead here is Bolin, he's been a royal pain my ass for the past ten years," she said, trying to lighten the mood a little bit.

It worked. Asami did actually find herself smiling a bit. "Asami," she replied.

-"I'm on the second floor," Korra pointed up. "Just gotta dump this asshole somewhere inside, and then I'm all good." She was practically carrying him, and much to Asami's surprise, it didn't even appear to strain her very much, even though he must have been at least 40 pounds heavier than her. Probably had something to do with those massive biceps of hers.

Asami mentally slapped herself out of it. She wasn't here to gawk at some college jock, she was here to shower, rid herself of vomit, and then get going again as soon as humanly possible.

Much to her surprise, Korra just put him in a corner of the lobby. "Wait, you're just going to leave him here?"

-"Meh, he's been through worse," Korra shrugged. "When he wakes up, he'll be able to find his way back to his own room. Come on, I'll take you to the shower." She proceeded Asami up the stairs, and they soon ended up at her room. "Try to ignore the mess, I wasn't expecting visitors."

That wasn't an exaggeration. There were clothes and books everywhere, almost like a bomb had exploded in there and no one had really made an effort to clean it up again. There were a few varsity swim team posters, which did explain Korra's muscular frame. She immediately made for the dresser, which, outside of the bed, was only one of few pieces of furniture in the room.

-"Here," Korra said, holding out a towel. "Do you want...underwear as well?" she asked, turning red again.

"No, thanks, I think I'll manage with a shirt and some pants for now."

-"Right." She dove back into the dresser and quickly pulled out a pair of grey sweatpants and a plain white T-shirt. "There, that should do it. Shower is left out the door, first door on your right. There is a small cupboard with my name on it if you want shampoo and such. Help yourself to whatever you think you need."

Asami smiled. "Okay, thanks." She made her way to the bathroom, which had two sinks, a row of cupboards, and two separate shower cabins. Finding Korra's cupboard was easy enough, though picking out the right shampoo wasn't.

Undressing finally gave her a chance to look at the damage done to her clothes, which was a jacket and a pencil skirt. Nothing that special, but it was still a combination she liked, and now they both had vomit on them. Great. Her blouse also smelled horrible, so that was going to need a mountain of detergent to get clean again.

At least the shower here was good. The water quickly turned warm and there was enough pressure on it to make it feel like a reasonable amount of water was flowing over her hair, which, worryingly enough, also had been hit. Downsides of having long hair, though in her defense, Asami never took into account that she might get vomited on.

Shower over, it was time to get dressed again, and she suddenly wished she'd have taken Korra's offer for clean underwear. As it turned out, the vomit had soaked through her jacket and blouse and had also stained her bra to beyond the point where she wanted to wear it.

Well, nothing she could do about that from here, so instead, she just slipped into whatever clothes there were that could still count as clean and headed back to Korra's room.

-"Ah, there you are. Had a nice shower?" Korra asked.

"Very nice, thank you. Do you have something for me to carry these in?"

-"Sure, give me a sec." She searched around the room for a while, before pulling a plastic bag out of the heaps of junk. "Is this good enough?"

Even though it wasn't brilliant, Asami wasn't about to complain. "Yes, that'll work." As she was putting her clothes away, she noticed that Korra was fidgeting. "Something wrong?"

-"Well... I think that in all the commotion, we forgot something important."

"What's that?"

-"We were already on the last bus for the night."

"Fuuuuuck..." Asami softly groaned. It was true, she even knew that, but it had totally slipped her mind. Not surprising really, she was a bit preoccupied, but this did mean that she was stuck here. "So now what?"

Korra stood up. "Well, I changed the bed while you were in the shower, so it's clean. You can stay here for the night."

She thought it over for a moment. It wasn't ideal, but neither was going home. Walking would take an hour, and in just a T-shirt, that would be a bit on the brisk side. Taxi was an option, but that was going to be expensive. Still, this was a case in which the ends justified the means. "No, I'm calling a taxi. I appreciate the offer, but I really want to get home again and sleep in my own bed. Hope you understand."

-"Yeah, I get it." Strangely enough, Korra looked a little bit disappointed as she said that. "You want something to wear on top of that? You're, umm... poking through."

Asami looked down at her chest and saw that her nipples were poking through the simple white shirt like pebbles. She went red with embarrassment. "Right, uhh, yes, please," she stammered, folding her arms over her chest. "It's not very warm in here."

Once again, Korra delved into her closet. "You're right, it's not. I'm from a colder climate myself, I don't feel it. Here, this should do the trick." She held out a blue hoodie that was lined with something that looked incredibly soft.

Asami slipped it on and did notice that it wasn't a lie. This was one comfortable hoodie. Paired with her boots, it was a hopeless combination, but then again, it was better than going home in clothes reeking of vomit. She quickly stepped outside for a minute to call for a cab, and when she got back in, Korra had changed into a pair of blue pajama pants and a white tank top. Kind of amazing, considering the temperature of the room. "What should I do with these?" Asami asked, gesturing to the bag with her own clothes.

-"I know a drycleaner to take them to, he always delivers good work," Korra replied. "I was thinking of doing that in the morning, and you'll have them back by Monday. Maybe you should leave your number here for when they're clean again."

At this, Asami had trouble not raising an eyebrow. She was picking up a particular 'vibe' from Korra, and even though it was all but certain, it was definitely there. "Yeah, I suppose that's fair enough." She dug through her purse and fished out a business card, simply putting it on the table. After this, it fell silent between them. They'd only met an hour ago, and had it not been for Bolin, they'd have remained strangers forever. "So..."

Korra chuckled. "I guess."

A topic suddenly sprung to Asami's mind. "Alright, tell me this: what is Bolin to you that you're going through all this trouble for him?"

She took a moment to answer. "He...he's my best friend. He stuck with me through some pretty rough times in my life. We've been friends since high school and always got into so much trouble together, but it was always just us against everyone else. Guess this little bit of trouble is worth it. At least for me, and I'm not the one who got vomited on. I'll punch him in the face for that in the morning."

Again, Asami chuckled. "Not sure that will be necessary. Is that why you aren't drunk, to take care of him?"

Now it was Korra's turn to laugh again. "Hell no, I just gave up alcohol a year ago. Figured it was a good idea after this disaster," she said as she lifted the hem of her top and nudged down her pants just a tiny little bit.

This allowed Asami to see two things, both of which she liked: firstly, the fact that there was a subtle pattern of abs tracing over her stomach, and secondly, two interlocking Venus-symbols tattooed right above the hem of her pants and, probably something Korra wasn't trying to show, just above the first hint of neatly trimmed hairs. It definitely made Asami blush. "Got this when I was massively drunk, apparently a couple of girls from my swim team convinced me it was a good idea to do it and show the world that I'm..." She suddenly hesitated and fell silent.

"A lesbian?" Asami blurted out, not even thinking twice about it. She regretted it the moment she said it, but by that time, it was already too late.

She sighed as she let her head hang. "I am. They told me to get it in a place where, if people would see it, they'd already be too far gone to care," she morbidly chuckled. "When I'm wearing one of those swimming condoms, you can't see it anyway."

Asami chuckled. "Hey, don't worry about it," she said, sensing Korra's unease. "You know what they say about birds of a feather?"

This confused her, but after a few moments, the penny dropped. "Ah, gotcha. I'm not proud of that tattoo, but on the other hand, it is true and getting it removed would be fucking expensive, so, yeah, I guess they're right for the time being."

"Well, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

-"True. Hell, I'd bet you any money some of those girls are wishing they could have a go at this," she said, flexing her impressive biceps.

Asami laughed, in spite of the nakedly obvious attempt at trying to impress her. "I guess they would." Right on cue, a buzz came from her phone. "Well, that's my taxi. I guess I'll hear from you later?"

-"Guess so. Don't worry about the money, Bolin will pay the bill," she said with a smirk.

"You can make him do that?" Asami asked with an unimpressed eyebrow raised.

Korra showed her slanted smirk again. "I can make him dress in drag and do the hula for you." They both laughed as they were picturing that. "In the morning, he'll know what he did, and then he'll pay. He's not a bad guy."

Asami nodded. "Alright, then I'll wait for your call." She held out her hand. "Thanks for everything."

She shook it, with a firm but good grip. "You're welcome. Again, sorry for what Bolin did."

"Well, could be worse. See you around, Korra." With this, she really was out the door and walking to her taxi.

It took her back to her apartment, which was small but cozy. By now though, Asami was absolutely knackered and decided that ridding herself of Korra's hoodie was good enough, so she flopped onto her bed, ready to sleep until noon.

While she didn't quite make that, the clock read 10:30 by the time she woke up, which was good enough for now. Not even thinking too much about it, she slipped back into Korra's hoodie and made breakfast, thinking about what she was going to do today.

The blouse she had been wearing yesterday was one of her favorites, and there was a chance it would never fully be clean again. Also, she could use a new white blouse. Maybe going to the mall a couple blocks over wasn't a bad idea. Heck, it might even be a nice walk. Clear her nose after so many long days locked in an office building.

Deciding that was a good plan, Asami quickly dressed herself properly and got going, enjoying the crisp air of early spring.

She'd always liked shopping, but unfortunately, she didn't really have a lot of time for it lately. Mostly it was just going out to buy exactly what she needed, no more browsing like she used to enjoy. Today actually let her do that, so in addition to the new white blouse she needed, she also bought a new belt and a scarf that she just couldn't leave there.

Feeling quite content with herself, Asami figured that after getting some lunch, she should be going back again. There was a shop here that sold the most amazing sandwiches, and joy of joys, it wasn't too expensive either. But getting there wouldn't be as easy as she thought.

It was in sight, but Asami suddenly found her path blocked by what felt like a solid wall that she could have sworn wasn't there a second earlier.

-"Holy shit," the wall said, and she knew that voice. "Asami?"

She looked up, and it confirmed her suspicions. "Korra? What the hell are you doing here?"

Korra looked a little uneasy. "I... was taking your clothes to the dry cleaner here," she said, pointing to the shop behind her. "Had swimming practice earlier this morning and figured now would be a good time to do it."

Asami eyed her up a little bit more, and she did look like she was wearing comfortable clothes, loose jeans, and an even looser hoodie, this one with the swim team logo. Her short hair was still a touch damp, so it couldn't have been too long since she got out of the shower. "Ah. Well, thanks for that. How's Bolin?"

-"Alive," Korra chuckled. "Though with the hangover he has, I'm betting he's regretting a few decisions he's made." Asami laughed as well, and then it fell silent between them. This was when Korra decided to make a break for it. "Well, I guess I should be going home. Nice seeing you again."

As she walked away, Asami couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt go through her. "Korra, wait," she stopped her, and she did turn around. "Would you..." She hesitated. "What you did last night... I think you went above and beyond what you needed to do. Would you like to get some lunch with me? I'm paying. There's a great sandwich shop just down there."

Korra smiled. "I'd love to."

Getting lunch with her was really nice. They talked about loads of things, and it turned out that Asami's first assessment of Korra not being much younger than her was accurate. She was about two or three months away from finishing her thesis, while Asami had only finished college last year. There was something about the swim team and their adventures, a few more curses aimed at the garage that had Asami's car, and before they knew it, an hour and a half had passed and they were getting a few disapproving looks from the staff as they were occupying the table for so long.

This was probably a good moment to leave. When they stood outside the mall, they were about to go their separate ways, which would be quite a sad moment for Asami. It had been a while since she had such a good time.

-"How are you getting back? Bus?" Korra asked with a smirk.

Asami laughed. "I am never getting back on that fucking bus. I'd rather hop home than take that thing again, so I'm going to walk."

Korra chuckled as well, but there was also a hint of disappointment on her face. "Makes sense. Shame I'm not going to see you again on there though."

"Well, maybe you'll just have to call me? You have my number," Asami tried. "Make it a proper date." It was a little forward but definitely worth a shot.

The huge grin that crept across Korra's face was more than worth it. "Deal."

Wrote this over the weekend. While this didn't happen to me, I was stuck in a bus for nearly an hour that had a massive puddle of puke in it, so thank god for my cold and the ensuing clogged nose. Strange as it sounds, it did give me inspiration for this. As AvatarKya put it: "Some ppl find inspiration in *insert eloquent phrase here* And then there's you XD". Yeah, I guess she's right.

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