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May 9th, 2015

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The Missing Avatars

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A Day at Avatar Korra Park

Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Someday, The Lost Earthbender will bring balance to the world.

The sun began to rise up and Jing could not stop thinking about that dream he had of Aang, Raava and himself; although the dream was blurry so it had been hard to tell who any of them was, except for Aang.

"Good morning, Jing!" said Luli.

"Luli, last night I had a strange dream," replied Jing.

"I love dream stories, tell all, Jing," asked Chang.

Jing explained, "It is really weird, I think I saw Aang? He exploded and then there's a light spirit and it got hit with water and I saw myself, and then I exploded..."

Luli and Chang knew what Jing was talking about.

"Jing, I don't think that was a dream... I think what you saw there was a vision of what happened during that Harmonic Convergence," said Luli.

"But I wasn't there when it happened," said Jing.

"You were... But as Korra," said Jinora.

Jing said, "Yes, but MYSELF was there in the dream... Don't you think that is a bit strange?"

Luli, Jinora and Chang sarcastically replied with a nod and a couple of agreements. Lu-Pan licked himself with his tongue.

So they got ready to make way their appearance at Republic City, where futuristic buildings could be seen from afar. Riding on Lu-Pan, he walked slowly; when they were entering the city, everyone gave a hard stare at Jing.

"They are looking at me weirdly," said Jing.

"It's... Called... A... Harrrrd staaaaaaaaaare," said Chang slowly.

"Chang, shut up and wave," angered Luli.

So the four waved at the crowd; the crowd did not wave back because they were strangers to Republic City. As they arrived at the President's office, they went towards to the reception.

"Master Jinora, what brings you here?" said the receptionist.

"We need to see the President, it is very urgent!" told Jinora.

"What's the emergency?" asked the receptionist.

Jinora put her hands on the left side of her mouth and whispered: "We've found the Avatar!"

The receptionist gasped and the President waited; as he waited for Master Jinora's big news, they burst through the door running and arrived in the presence of the president. The President's name was Ru.

"President Ru, I have travelled far to relieved with such great news," said Jinora.

"I know, I've accepted free airbending lessons for Airbenders between ages 3 to 6," replied President Ru.

"No, greater than that... This young man... is the Avatar," said Jinora.

"THE AVATAR!?" shouted President Ru.

"I will also need some proof. I need you to bend more than one element," said President Ru.

"Okay, but I have trouble learning the other three elements," said Jing.

Jing prepared to show President Ru his bending skills. Firstly, his Earthbending. He lifts a rock and kicks the rock to the wall.

"Okay, that's one element," said President Ru.

Jing prepared to do his second element. He tried to firebend, but the fire got out of control and everyone ducked down; no one was burnt, but the edges of the hall were on fire.

"You, young man, are truly the Avatar... Welcome home," said President Ru.

Jing smiled with delight with the President's trust.

Later that night, they went to a luxury apartment for where they were staying for the rest of the night.

"This is where you will be staying for tonight. Don't worry, Lu-Pan will be safe in the pet apartment level. Oh, and also, I will announce the Avatar's return live on television tomorrow. Good night," said President Ru.

"Good night," said Jing, Luli, Chang and Jinora.

"Television!? Wow!" said Jing.

"Television!? What am I going to wear or what emotion will I be in!? I don't want to be looking like a dork!" excited Chang.

"Chang! This isn't about you. Tomorrow is about Jing," angered Luli.

"I think being the Avatar won't be as bad as I thought," said Jing.

"Once your return is announced, you will be ready for training," said Jinora.

Jing nodded as he heard Jinora say training.

"Yes, I need to learn Fire, Air and Water... According to history books, Aang learned all the elements in just a year," said Jing.

"Yes, but your training could be longer than that," Jinora said.

Jing replied, "True, good night, everyone."

"Goodnight!" said everyone in separate beds.

Jing went to sleep and dreamed of a similar dream he had last time. Jing was floating in space and saw a clear picture of a man meditating. It was Aang. Jing floated towards Aang and stared.

"Aang, you did not disconnect at all!" said Jing.

Aang started to disappear. Jing tried to stop Aang from disappearing, but then a young Korra appeared sitting on the Tree of Time and so did Jing. Jing saw himself sitting next to Korra, so many years ago. Jing slid back and saw Luli slip from the window of the hotel and fall down screaming. Jing woke up in horror.

"Good morning," said Jinora.

"Today's the big day!" excited Luli.

Luli hopped so fast that the window shattered and she fell down the window.

"LULI!" shouted Chang.

Luli screamed and Jing saved her by tearing a wall and making it a landing position for Luli.

"Thank you, Jing!" said Luli.

"That was actually from my dream!" said Jing.

Jing explained his dream to his friends about Luli's fall.

"I studied Avatars for 2 years and, Jing, your dreams can predict the future; do you know what that means?" said Jinora.

"I am a master of dreams?" replied Jing.

"No, my dear, it means you're a rare kind of Avatar," said Jinora.

"A rare Avatar!? Is that even possible?" said Luli.

"Yes, Prediction Avatars only come every 2000 years," replied Jinora.

"Okay, I am rare, But there's also another dream; I was at a tree with Korra meditating," said Jing.

"It must be a dream; if not, maybe something big might happen," said Jinora.

Chang said, "We only got a few hours until the announcement, how about a trip to the newly refurbished Avatar Korra Park?"

"Sounds perfect. As a rare Avatar, let's goooooo!" said Jing.

Everyone exits the hotel and walks happily towards Avatar Korra Park.

End of Chapter

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