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'That's amazing...' Toph could hear Aang's words echo in her mind, and actually allowed herself to smile at the memory—before yelling at her student to correct his stance.


All her life, she had been allergic to people, to their simpering voices and itchy touches—it came as a surprise, then, when she longed for his hands wrapped gently around her own.


Amidst Toph's threats of "setting his ass on fire", and many, many punches, Aang noticed that she didn't hurt anyone else nearly as often as she did him; for some reason, that made him smile.


Earthbending a small stone, she watched in silent glee as the airbender tripped, head-butting Katara. Idiot Avatar, the girls thought at the same time.


Looking at the angry earthbender, Aang would have wished for the ground to swallow swallow him up, if only she couldn't feel him under there.


"Toph, there's going to be a fireworks display!" an excited Aang told his Sifu, not expecting her tart reply of "not if they can't find the person to light it," as he notices a man shackled to the floor with earthbending.


Blindness never stopped the young girl; she was watched in silent adoration by the monk as she struggled to learn to take care of herself—in this case, dividing the fruit tart into equal portions.


Around the group, she was rough, unyielding, stubborn and sarcastic—a rock; alone with him, she was sensitive, strong, tender and beautiful—a diamond (and she was his diamond).


Sokka was the hammer of the group—he kept everyone working; Katara, the wood which held them up. Aang was the paint, the symbol, and Toph was the nails; she was the small, insignificant character who kept everyone together.


When the waterbender spoke of souls and spirits, she laughed and walked away; when the monk talked of it, she hung onto his every word.

A/N: I felt really bad for putting this on the back-burner, so I thought I would release what little I have. Also, can I say that Spirit is my favourite?

Firework was inspired by line in roca dos's story Practise Makes Perfect (if you're looking for some Taang, go take a look at her stories)

I don't have many Taang ideas, because to be honest, I've fallen in love with Tokka. Rest assured, I haven't 'abandoned ship', however, it is a little harder for me to gain inspiration for Taang. I'm not leaving this, though, so don't worry.

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