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The Provisional Government was briefly the ruling body of the former Earth Kingdom following the abdication of Earth King Wu in 174 AG. Led by Gun, the Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se under the late Earth Queen Hou-Ting and President of the Earth Republic, the Provisional Government was based in Ba Sing Se and theoretically controlled the former Earth Kingdom. In reality, it had little influence beyond the capital and the northern provinces of the country. The abdication of King Wu combined with the arrest of Kuvira (the interim leader of the Earth Kingdom after Hou-Ting's death, and later dictator) left the nation in chaos, with lawlessness and crime rampant, as well as several self-proclaimed independent states. The Provisional Government set up the Constituent Assembly, which included representatives from most provinces. That act more or less stabilized two-thirds of the country, but resistance to the Republic continued after its dissolution.


The Provisional Government was formed in 174 AG when Earth King Wu announced his abdication of the throne. This caused a shock in the Earth Kingdom, which Wu intended to split up into smaller democracies. Grand Secretariat Gun of Ba Sing Se set up a new government to take control of the situation, believing that a break-up of the Kingdom would lead to chaos and anarchy. The Provisional Government was formed several days after Wu's announcement, which took control of the armed forces (which had recently fought a campaign in the United Republic) and the institutions formed by Kuvira's regime. The Government declared its authority over all of the former Earth Kingdom, which would be reformed into the Earth Republic. However, many of the provinces did not recognize it, and declared independence. Gun ordered the military of the Earth Republic to put down this uprisings, deploying hundreds of thousands of men in the southern provinces around Omashu.

The new government achieved reluctant recognition from the Fire Nation, Water Tribes, and the United Republic of Nations. Some of the leaders were hesitant to recognize the Provisional Government of the Earth Republic because they feared it would turn into another dictatorial regime. However, President Raiko managed to convince them to go along with it—the Provisional Government was trying to stabilize the former Earth Kingdom, and it did show some evidence of democracy. Fire Lord Izumi and Chief Tonraq agreed to recognize it, with the nations' respective ambassadors in Ba Sing Se being accredited to the Earth Republic. Gun visited Republic City and spoke with the leaders, and also received the approval of the former Earth King. While there, he made a secret weapons deal with Raiko to supply the Republic with arms against Omashu and other rebellious regions. With that done, the President returned to Ba Sing Se.

The Provisional Government declared a state of emergency shortly after its creation, due to the rebellious provinces, and enacted martial law. With that in place, the military of the Provisional Government began attacking the regions that were in rebellion, and putting down the uprisings. It was somewhat successful at first, but after a while, the campaigns started taking their toll. The people wanted to stop fighting. The Provisional Government also increased taxes to finance the war, as it was already in debt and the Earth Republic coin was greatly devalued. The people were growing angry with the rising authoritarianism and the poverty. Protests broke out across Earth Republic territory, including in Ba Sing Se. But President Gun's regime continued its policies, and implemented a draft into the army of all able-bodied men in the Earth Republic. This sparked riots throughout the country, and additional army units had to be deployed to put them down.

When the country had recovered about two-thirds of the former Earth Kingdom's territory in 174 AG, Gun established a legislature, the Constituent Assembly. The Provisional Government voted to dissolve itself shortly after the first elections for the Assembly that year.


The executive body in the Provisional Government was the Interim Ruling Council, headed by Gun. It included nobles, bureaucrats, and military officials.

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