Prolouge: The Last Stand, Growing up and Memories of a Past Life (TCoA)
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The Test

Introducing Kashirii, Denzel, Lostris, and Shao! This is the start to the story of an Avatar-in-training! 

Prouloge Part one: The Last Stand.

Kashirii knew she was going to die. That was evident."But how do I at least wound them?", She thought, "If their wounded they would immediatly go back to their camp. Then I could get away fast enough......". Kashirii didn't see the car but she flipped up and over it as if she had. Then, mustering up as much courage as she could, she made water gloves over her hands and turned and struck the closest one in a pressure point. The man fell like a bag of bricks. She blocked several more of the men's chi and fled knowing that she would be followed. I shoulld've stayed home, she thought as she ran through the forest farther and farther away from Rebulic City and the warming protection of the council of guardians.Oh well you can't fix that now. She thought bitterly.

An arrow flew and piecered Kashirii's arm. It was an imbobalizing arrow. "Damn it!", Kashirii thought, "These assholes are persistent! Hmm what a fine mess you've gotten yourself in Kashirii! Gah........ if I call Starkk he'll rip my head off and then rip these stupid Equalist-wanna-be's heads off to. Gotta keep running.

The numbness was slowly spreading through Kashirii's arm which was starting to get annoying but it didn't hinder Kashirii as she ran.

Kashirii faintly realized that the odds of her living were very low. She had to take the Jinshu pills that she was given to save herself if things got bad.

Starkk I'm so sorry., she thought.

She reached into her pocket, trying to think of a way out without her death and finding none. She grabed the pill and remorsefully swallowed it.

Prolouge part two: Growing up.

Denzel was born in a small village in the northern part of the Earth Kingdom. He was a descendant of Noatok, the scary bloodbender who gripped Republic City for a short time in his fear-filling (at least for benders) grip. He had a wife and children when he lived there in the small village before putting on the Amon Mask and waging war in Republic City.

Denzel's parents were very friendly and well known in the village, his mother taught healing courses while his father was a criminal catcher and a guardin of the village.

Denzel's father worked with a pair of men that would in the future be the fathers of Shao and Lostris, Denzel's best friends.

Shao was born first. He was two when Lostris and Denzel were born.

I will finish publishing the chapter later

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