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Prologue of Fortunate Souls
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The Legend of Korra

Prologue of Fortunate Souls is a fanon series written by ChemicalAvatar


Life in Republic City led to many windows of opportunity for the children of Team Avatar. Most are old enough to make their decisions without confronting their absorbed parents.

As new threats arise, the friends, rivals and lovebirds must unite to bring them down. Together, they learn strength and power they never knew they had. But when they realize that the power of world destruction is within their grasp, some may make the wrong decisions yet again.

Rated PG13 for language and mature themes mentions.


Qewan- The rebellious son of the Avatar, who is counted to be involved in criminal activity. He is a waterbender, famous in his family for his daring nature and creativity. He left school at sixteen and is currently in his early twenties.

Mona- The dashing, skillful, and sarcastic daughter of the Avatar. Though she is not a bender, her combat skills aren't poor. She studies for a first degree at Republic University and visits family friends often to "preserve connections".

Tori- The headstrong, intelligent, and observant daughter of Korra. She dropped out of earthbending academy to go study the art with her Uncle Bolin. She has a deep passion for music, claiming it to be "the language of the soul".

Atir- The quiet but otherwise chaotic and anger-driven son of the Avatar. Currently in his mid-teens, he tends to incinerate whatever he doesn't find worthy of existing and spout lines of dark humor. Him being the youngest in the family, Korra inclines to his difficulties before the other children.

Leehi- The lively and dirty daughter of Bolin and Opal. Though she wishes she was born with any bending other than airbending, she uses it often and effectively. She has a knack at getting in to trouble but appears to enjoy it.

Shay- The cultured and warm son of Bolin and Opal. He is a quiet and considerate earthbender with a lighthearted nature and steel-boned body who doesn't seem to attract to anything romantically.

Qiu- The attractive and rather reckless daughter of Iroh and Asami. Though she is a nonbender, she was never once disgraced by the royal family and remains heir to the Fire Nation's throne. She resides in Republic City so that she may see her beloved Qewan more often.

Jean- Mona's metalbending girlfriend. She moved in with her at the start of the year. She's responsible, artistic, and a year older than Mona. Her father is a respected entertainments reporter and her mother a presidential assistant.

Teru- The intellectual, surprising, and multi-talented son of Kai and Jinora. Being the youngest of the clan, he is often picked on, only to result in many tornadoes and turned rooms. He is training to become a master airbender.


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