Prologue of A Nomad's Journey
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The Dawn of a crimson red sunrise was upon the Air Nomads yet again; The sun was a brilliant orange red with crimson in the far, beautifully entrancing horizon. Two of the strongest,most elegantly talented benders, Monks Senge and Rifu,walk towards the Southern Air Temple nursery, were a small,newly born baby born named, Thubten, is waiting for them both. Thubten was born as a bender, just like every single every other child. Thubten was only one week old, he was born to two unknown air benders, he was incredibly small compared to the other Air Nomad children in the nursery, if he were to survive he'd have to practice extremely hard, and dedicate long, tired some hours of work to perfect his stance, and moves.

"He has potential, Monk Senge." Softly spoke Monk Rifu, the Head Monk in the Southern Air Tribe council. Monk Rifu was an elderly man, lived to see the death of Avatar Yangchen, and is still extremely healthy; he is one of the most spiritually enlightened of the Air Nomad council. Being the leader of the Southern Air Temple he had to make sure each and individual nomad was healthy, and strong. Once the child turned 4 years old, they'd start they're basic Air Bending journey, spiritually and physically.

"Yes, he does, but if f I am to train him as my disciple, you and he must understand to the intense emotional and physical requirements; there is a reason why every Air Nomad does not possess this unique ability." Monk Senge spoke softly but with a rough tone in his voice, he was not fond of younger Air Nomads, they were full of energy that needed to be worked out. Monk Senge was a famous bender in his time, acquired fame for being able to travel into the Spirit World, and then being able to return to the natural world.

Monk Senge turned around, facing the exit of the nursery; he turned around just in time to see the crimson sun rise to be in line with the grey, fluffy clouds that swam the open sky as if it were a vast, empty sea.He inhaled through his nose, and exhaled through his mouth, took a low stance and practiced basic hand movements,not even attempting to hide his displeasure and boredom. Monk Senge was given the so-called "burden" of teaching the young baby that Monk Rifu and he were supposed to be observing, baby Thubten. Thubten was supposedly an Air Nomad child who would alter the course of sacred spiritual Air Nomad history for ever. Monk Senge remembered when Thubten and the others of his generation were born, Monk Rifu would brag on, and on about how the spiritual side of Air Bending will be fully realized now, and in the future. Monk Senge knew what this supposedly meant; another child who could travel into the Spirit World, at will.

"Monk Senge, you have trained under me ever since you were a child; let me remind you that you were the most excited out of all of your peers to begin your training, if you are disappointed that you will be acting as a guardian and a mentor to this boy, and then you should—" replied Monk Rifu in an intensely angry tone, losing his patience quickly over such a simple issue concerning the greatest hope for the Air Nomads, in all of history. Monk Rifu was about to finish his reply when Monk Senge abruptly cut him off in a rude, grumpy manner.

"I will train the boy, I may not enjoy it though, but I will do what is best for my temple, even if it makes me go extremely out of my comfort zone. I will pass on the ancient technique of Air Bending that I have successfully mastered with the advice of you, my master. I am sorry I have disrupted your positive energy; I will try my best to convince you that I can shape this, this child, into a powerful bender like us." Replied an upset, angry Senge.

Monk Senge pondered about when he was a child about how his unique ability was so different, how he was the first one in ages upon ages to rediscover this ability. At times in his youth he thought of the ability to conjure a portal to the Spirit World was a burden, but Monk Rifu, who was a simple teacher back then, gave him advice on how to develop this technique with ease and adjustment, and to avoid getting frustrated and giving up easily; he taught the principles of patience and waiting to Monk Senge. They resolved their issues over Pai Sho, or Fruit Pies, and practicing basic breathing exercises, that would usually do the trick and they're practice session would continue. Years went by, and when all four Air Temples found out about Monk Senge's ability, they voted that a Spirit Temple was to be built, as long as the spirits who inhabited the vast, paranormal region known as the Spirit World, were okay with the construction. The Spirits objected to the types of materials that Air Benders normally used and introduced them to spiritual building materials used in construction of spiritual landmarks that could not be bent by any bender, strong or weak. The Air Nomads of course went along with this, thanking the spirits with everything they could offer, such as fruit pies, crispy apples that were irresistible; they had a soft but crunchy outside and a nice crisp inside that made your mouth practically melt due to the overwhelming feeling of great joy. Monk Rifu was finished checking the over babies, ensuring they'd be okay until a care giver was available.

As the two Monks walked out, baby Thubten slowly started opening his eyes, yawning ever so slightly, as if he had just visited another world, doing a task that slowed his ever growing body down, making him tired. His hands met the small patch of hair he has on the top of his almost completely bald head, he stroked it feeling it, starting to play with it, it was curious what it was, for he could not see it. He wiggled around and attempted to roll over but got stuck facing the left side of the nursery room, on that side of the room a bright, orange, yellow beam of light appeared, when it faded away in its place was a small figure resembling a bison, it was a trinket, fitting into some kind of age old relic, baby Thubten wanted to grasp this relic, he tried focusing his tiny mind on the trinket and the air around it, a form of power did come out, in the shape of a burp. Buuurp. The trinket spun around on a little air tornado, no smaller than a grown Air Nomad's palm, and dropped ever so gently into Thubten's cradle. Thubten grasped the small trinket, feeling the wooden detail etched into it. He caressed it's intricate arrow design on the head of the bison trinket, staring into it as if it were luring him into a completely different world, other than the complex mess of a world he was in currently. He fell asleep shortly after that, hugging the trinket as if it were a stuffed platypus bear figurine that you'd see a child hanging on to as a companion for the long frightening nights.

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