Prologue: The Calm Before The.
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The Fifth Nation, Plasma The Forbidden Element





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January 9 2012

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The Calm Before The

(20 years ago)

After Aang and Katara's big kiss they headed inside to find the gang squabbling over Sokka's crudely painted picture still.

"I don't have the vast chi ocean anymore do I?" Iroh asked.

Everyone looked at him with a blank expression except the new Fire Lord who only grined "It's an inside joke."

"Is something burning?" Sokka said to move attention from his crude picture.

"MY TEA!!!" Iroh panicked

"He did paint me well, right?" Toph asked.

Everyone except Iroh, who was quickly trying to save his tea shop, looked at the picture again.

"Well, Toph, how do I put this delicately?"

"Oh, I see he drew me like the Appa's on the poster, didn't he?" Toph bringing back some skeletons from Sokka's closet.

"Not really, it actually does kind of looks like you," Katara said.

"Heyyy!" Sokka protested

Everyone laughed, but after a moment's pause the room became dead silent.

( 10 years ago )

All is quiet in the Fire Nation capital when a sudden explosion awoke the Fire Lord.

As he tried to hear his wife Mai and soldiers yelling but there is a buzzing noise blocking out the sound then like a rinohippo the sound suddenly hit him hard again. Suddenly all he can hear are screams.

Mai's voice suddenly shows an unusual fear, "Zuko, it're the rebels; they made it to the city."

"Get to the eclipse bunker," Zuko's eyes widened.

Mai went to gather their son Lu Ten.

Zuko then looks to his top general, "How did they get here so soon, Tien?"

"It's not all of them; there are a few strike forces that have entered the city" Tein classically sugarcoated

Zuko's rage became obvious. "A FEW STRIKE FORCES? THIS IS A DAMN ARMY, how did they get past us?"

Tien's brow became drenched in sweat "I don't know, sir, the only way they could sneak by is if they."

"Is if they, what?" Zuko was now beyond impatient. "Spit it out"

"If they burrowed," Tien finally said.

Zuko's eyes widened. "Earth benders? It couldn't be. Kuei signed the treaty."

"Fire Lord if I may this looks like mercenary work no soldier is ever this sloppy even for an Earthbender. I suggest we get to the bunker before she arrives," Tien said trying finding a way out.

Zuko held a hint surprise in his voice, "No, look." In the air, a familiar shape came closer on the wind.

(Present day construction site of Republic City)

Aang now a full grown man with a very prominent beard and Katara as beautiful and strong willed as ever were now seen both yelling "ZUKO!"

Zuko not as a teenager with a scar but a tall proud man that plans to restore what is left of the honor of the Fire Nation turns around just to be hugged by them both.

He said in a serious tone, "Normally it is formal for those to bow before they greet the Fire Lord."

Only Aang knew what he is referring to and gave a slight chuckle.

"But for you guys I'll make an exception," he said, grinning like Aang.

With the ice broken Aang then proceeded with the questions, "How is Lu Ten doing?"

Zuko replied proudly, "He's the most talented firebender since .... Since."

"Azula," Katara responded.

"Yeah," Zuko replied, to change the subject he asked, "How is Noma doing?"

"He's so upset with me for some reason," Aang sighed.

"Why?" Zuko asked

"He thinks I can give him bending abilities like the way I took your fathers Firebending away. We have done everything else to occupy him; first was the chiblocking class with Ty Lee, and then Sokka showed him how to use a sword, but it's never enough for him, he always thinks the first born of the Avatar should be able to bend," Aang said annoyed

"Is this true, Katara?" Zuko asked

"Unfortunately, yes, he always had since he first saw Aang in the Avatar State," Katara replied.

Aang then quickly changed the subject like Zuko "So how is the city coming along?"

Zuko lets out a sigh of frustration "Some will say years from now and we'll probably not see much progress this month before the supposed 'Day of Sorrow' has passed" Aang calmly but still with a puzzled face responds with

"What's the day of sorrow?" Aang asked.

It was Zuko turn to looked puzzled "You mean you haven't heard it all started in a little town with a old fortune teller called aunt . . . well it was aunt something, maybe it was Wa, or Wu anyways she predicted that sometime this month an ancient and powerful enemy will emerge and end the world as we know it. Besides that progress is increasing tenfold."

A familiar voice penetrates the group "Well that's good I don't want the most advanced city in the world to be completed after I'm dead." Everyone turned around to see Sokka a man that has matured over the years but still clings to the childish humor they all loved in those years long ago.

Then with the best sarcasm she could muster Katara said, "With the way you fight, you might just miss it by a year or so," everyone else laughed, except the red faced Sokka.

In the teasing tone Zuko asked, "So how's this new girlfriend do we know her, or is she just a phantom."

Sokka in a bittersweet tone, "It's going well, but I'm not going to tell you who she is, that's personal stuff."

All the laughter at Sokka's stopped, only one thing felt missing then and there everyone thought the same thing

Where is Toph?

An earth pillar shot up and launched Aang and Sokka high enough in the air to surprise Aang and made Sokka land on his face.

Then with a familiar voice but with a little lower tone says "You're getting soft, Twinkle Toes. The boy I knew 20 years ago could have seen me a mile away"

Everyone looked around to see where the voice is.

On top of a pile of building materials, They saw Toph a semi-mature women who still has that spark in her actions that says Hit me with your best shot.

The whole group except Sokka for some odd reason hesitated to join the group hug.

After they finished the quite frankly awkward hug the start to unwind for a bit

Toph asked about her tournament idea "What was the idea again?" Aang responded.

Toph punched him in the shoulder "You should remember the idea, I've had my friend send you it several thousand times, you know the one where all 3 nations have 16 competitors and they eliminate themselves out until one from each nation is declared the winner of that group then those three get a chance at fighting you."

Aang suddenly remembered "Oh that's right, but Toph as we have gone over this, for that to work we need that arena that is involved in the Republic City construction, that a certain rich family urged after a long talk with their daughter, and also for that to work the next Avatar would have to be willing to do it for this to be a regular thing."

Toph just lets out a very loud sigh and mumbles to everyone "Well, I still think you're just afraid I'll beat you."

"How goes your uncle Zuko?" Sokka asked

Zuko with a grin says " He's fine I hope I'm as spirited as him when I'm 84 although every time I call him to the Fire Nation for advice of how to flush out the remaining rebels he gives me great military strategies or sends a messenger hawk and goes off to his tea shop saying there was White Lotus meeting."

"That's not that bad," Sokka said

"Sokka, according to him, in the last year, they've had 300 White Lotus meetings," Zuko said with a frustrated look in his eyes.

"I'm going to shut up now," Sokka, noticing a killer tone, said.

Katara countered the ominous mood when she said, "It's a miracle!"

Everyone, even Sokka laughed.

Toph looks to Aang and says, "What's wrong, Twinkle Toes? You're dragging your feet."

Aang then responded hesitantly with, "It's just this. We haven't done this in forever; it has at least been ten years."

Everyone grew quiet as the atmosphere became thick, Aang went on, "I mean with the civil war in the Fire Nation and all this Republic City construction and even the fire rebels stuff, we barely had contact with each other."

This had everyone a for a loss of words for a while.

Toph then broke a long silence with simple wisdom unexpected "The past is the past let's move on and promise ourselves that we'll keep in contact more."

The motion was unanimous.

After a long day and night of reminiscing, pai sho games, sparring, and some cactus juice induced ideas of a giant statue of Aang for the new city, the gang fell asleep and in the next morning the group is just about to split up when ...

Some facts

  • To be honest, I've had this idea for a while now and I am just getting started.
  • In the siege of the capitol of the Fire Nation a "She" is mentioned this character and story will be told in more detail later.
  • This "Day of Sorrow" will happen but
  • This is a shout out to all those users that helped me ARG thanks for the advice, Dcasawang1 thanks for the help, and last but certainly not least Natsu11 for all your tech help
  • To be honest I don't expect many people to read my fanon but if you do ill make sure its interesting enough for you to keep reading.
  • This may seem like a lot of info in a short amount of time but everything will be revealed eventually.

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