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Zaofu Burns
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March 11, 2015

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Chapter One - The Escapade


Fire. Air. Water. Earth. Long ago, I had been friends with the Avatar and we had many adventures together, but little did I know we were always being watched so closely. After Korra was murdered, I could never be the same, my life seemed to be over, until I learned of the new Avatar, or should I say, Avatars. I now have devoted the rest of my life to these twins and I know that one day, they can stop this evil of Vaatu that plagues this world!

Zaofu Burns

It had been a long day and Jada, wife of Huan, was about to tell the guards to secure the city when she saw a strange airship land. It was truly beautiful, draped in dazzling white and a huge symbol on the side which gave away the very people that operated it.

"Chang!" Jada called out and the guard turned to her and he stood at attention, "Inform Huan and the others. We have some guests that I am sure everyone will be eager to meet." Chang nodded and ran off leaving Jada alone; she suddenly had a strange feeling, one she had not had since the day that she was told that the Earth Empire had fallen. This feeling that Jada had was hope, a hope for the future and a hope for the world.


"You have a special guest," the housekeeper called out and Bolin made his way to the door, adjusted his coat and opened up the huge metal door that led into the den of his and Opal's home.

"President Wu!" Bolin hugged the man and immediately moved away. "Forgive me President, that was a little-"

Wu laughed, "It's okay, Bolin, I may be a man of high political power, but that doesn't mean I can't accept hugs." The two laughed hysterically; they had not seen each other in a while, but had talked a lot through letter and on the phone. Bolin could remember not liking Wu in the beginning, but as the years went by the two became good friends.

"So," Bolin began excitedly as Opal entered the room, "What brings the President of this great nation to our humble home in Zaofu?"

Wu suddenly grew serious and sat down on the sofa, "You must listen to them, Bolin. It may sound crazy, but it's true!" Wu had moved closer to his friend now.

"What are you talking about?" Opal whispered.

Wu looked at the strong Matriarch of Zaofu and shook his head, "They approached me a month ago and told me about this- this Society of Faces. They've been terrorizing the world, people have gone missing, families have been torn... they're coming for you next."

Bolin was very concerned for his wife and his two newborns now, "Why?"

"You had twins not too long ago, is this correct?" The two parents nodded to their leader, "Well, I am afraid they are what the Society wants..."

"What?" Opal and Bolin were in shock, what would a criminal organization want with their children?

President Wu ran his hands through his hair and hid his face, "You must listen to them, you must."

Opal looked more angry than afraid, "Who? Who?" She screamed, but their conversation was interrupted when the doors burst open, "Who dares to break into my home in my own city?" Opal immediately regretted what she said when she saw the intruders, men and women dressed in white and blue, "Forgive me, White Lotus."

The Lotus members had a look of urgency about them, "Where are the children?"

"Why do you want my newborns so badly?" Opal cried and Bolin stood up to comfort her.

"Please explain yourselves," Bolin boldly spoke and looked directly at the Grand Lotus, Karraq.

Karraq breathed heavy, then decided that it would be best to tell the two why they needed the babies so very badly. "About a month ago, after Avatar Korra's death, I was led by a dream and told that the new Avatar was one of your children."

"How foolish it is to think that your one dream could foretell my children's destinies!" Bolin held Opal close to him as he shouted at the respectable order.

Karraq cleared his throat, "We all had the same dream." Opal and Bolin were now in shock.

Wu looked at them both, "I told you it was crazy but true."

"We must take both of the children, for time is of the essence. We will take them to the compound in the Southern Water Tribe, the same place where Korra successfully mastered the elements."

"Will we be going with you?" Opal stuttered, but the Grand Lotus said no.

"At least let us say goodbye to them first," Bolin told the White Lotus and they kindly allowed it, but as the parents were walking to the room, a loud voice called out to them.

"I don't think we'll have time for that." The two turned to see what must have been the Society of Faces. They wore intricate Dragon Masks that covered their faces and protected their identities. Bolin shuddered, for the moment reminded him of the time the Red Lotus had invaded Zaofu. "Nice to meet you all. My name is Milou Hu, but you will call me Zhu Milou."

The White Lotus immediately began an attack on the intruders. They pulled specially designed platinum swords out and charged towards the Society of Faces, but as they reached the evil men, the floor lifted up and made a makeshift barrier between the two orders.

"C'mon President, Opal and Bolin, we must get you to safety!" Chang, one of the guards who had somehow managed to get into the house, called to the three.

Bolin and Wu gladly ran towards the man until Opal called to them, "What about Lei and Aiya?"

Wu looked at Bolin, "Who's that?"

"Our children!" Bolin said outraged and he took off towards the nursery. The two waited a few minutes with the White Lotus until Bolin came back with nothing in his arms. "They're gone!"


The group had made it to the Shipyard where the Airships were docked, but were shocked at what they saw. It was a bloody mess, many of the guards had been brutally beaten and were Metalbent to the walls that surrounded the ships. Opal began to cry when she saw Huan, Jade, Wei and Wing lying on the ground and covered with many bruises.

"The... th-the airships..." Huan managed to move his lips in order to say the few words.

"We must hurry!" Karraq shouted and the Lotus once again revealed their swords and strange backpacks. Karraq lifted a finger and pressed the button on his backpack and two giant metal wings sprouted out. He smiled and looked at Bolin. "Future Industries' latest." And with that, he ran forward and jumped off the ground and to everyone's surprise, flew.

"I suppose we should help these men and women who are hurt," President Wu suggested and began, along with Bolin and Opal, to care for the wounded.

The other Lotus quickly followed Karraq as they headed to the bright red airship that was decided to be the one inhabited by the Society of Faces. As the Order of the White Lotus approached the ship, the whole sky was suddenly filled with smoke and all the airships except for the red one caught fire and began to bend uncontrollably. It was very clear now that the Society of Faces had some powerful Metal- and Firebenders.

The Lotus flew back down to the ground, for they feared that the Benders in the airship would bend their backpacks and kill them. As soon as the Order touched the floor of the dock, the smoke and fire vanished along with the Society of Faces' airship.

Opal cried even harder now and clung to Bolin, who stood there and stared into the distance. Their children were gone... and so were the Avatars...

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