The First Airbender is the first chapter and prologue of Child of Destiny.

Prologue - The First Airbender
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The Throne Room of the Fire Nation

The Fire Lord sat on his throne, listening half-heartedly to the advisors as they rambled about the state of the Nation's affairs. The flames around his throne danced and Mai sat next to him, listening to his advisors more intently than he was. His scarred eye twitched in sadness as they explained at length the failures of his rule. Mai touched the side of Zuko's chair.

"He asked you a question, Zuko," said the Fire Lady. "Sorry," said Zuko. "I'm listening." His newest scar, along the left corner of his mouth, stung painfully as he spoke.

The lead advisor stood up. "My lord, the Cult is moving. There was an attack in the capital last week. Han Dre's home was destroyed; he lost his daughter. We need to do something to stop them!"

Zuko stood up. "What would you have me do, Jeed? They have no base of operations! We cannot simply attack them like we would attack another nation!" he shouted, then he calmed slightly. "Even then, they are citizens of the Fire Nation, they have a right to their beliefs as much as any of us..."

"But, my lord," said Jeed. "They are murdering innocent people. They have been doing so for nearly ten years! There must be a way to stop them!"

Zuko sat down. "I know... But I don't know what it is. I'm failing my kingdom and I don't even know how to make it right."

A deep voice at the back of the hall rang out. "You've failed because you're weak, Fire Lord Zuko." A tall man stood up at the back of the hall; he was the only person standing in the whole hall. His long dark hair draped over his Fire Nation armor. He flicked his wrist and, in his hand, something long and sharp glinted in the firelight.

"Zhao sends his regards!" the man yelled, throwing the three long knives in his hand directly towards Zuko's head. Mai proved faster than anyone else in the room and sent two knives of her own into the air. They collided with two of the long knives in mid-flight, sending them clattering to the floor, useless.

Zuko dived off his throne, but too late. His ceremonial Fire Lord robes were slowing him down and the third knife sunk deep into his right shoulder. He howled in agony as the Royal Guard set upon the longhaired man at the back of the hall. The advisors were panicking, screaming about who let the traitor in the room. Mai was clutching his hands, asking him if he was okay. The wound was nothing; it was just a knife and there had been so many worse wounds over his ten years on the throne. But, his failure was ever the clearer to him as he looked down at the knife in his chest with the long red ribbon hanging from its hilt.

In black letters, the ribbon read - Sozin was right.


The Western Air Temple

Aang, garbed in the traditional robes of an Airbending master, paced up and down the corridor. It was the dead of night, but the thousands of candles that were lit all around illuminated the rebuilt Western Air Temple. Aang knew that almost all of the New Nomads must be awake eagerly anticipating this moment. He stopped, tried to calm himself, but failed and continued to pace.

"Relax, Avatar, have some juice," Guru Pathik said as he sat calmly on a nearby chair. "You told the rest of the nomads to stay away because they would panic the parents, but I believe you are doing a better job at doing that by yourself than the whole world could."

Appa bellowed his agreement from outside the window.

"Relax," Pathik repeated. "Have some onion and banana juice."

"How is your juice supposed to help this situation?" Aang asked exasperated.

"I don't know. Tastes good though."

Aang shook his head. "You've been sensing the spirits building up in this woman for months now, Pathik. This could be the child we've been waiting for, the first Airbender in over a hundred years! This child could be the rebirth of the Air Nomads and the final restoring of balance! How can you be so calm?"

"I told you. I have juice," Pathik said shaking the flask in his hand.

"Aaaah!" yelled the Avatar in aggravation. "Stop being so calm! It's making me nervous!"

The Guru began to respond, but suddenly fell silent. Aang started to question him, but the older man raised a long finger to hush him. "It is here. No. No, she. She is here."

Aang was quiet for a moment. "Can she...?"

"I don't know yet. I will have to hold her."

Aang opened the door and entered in a hurry; Pathik got up and slowly made his way in. Inside the small, modest room was the mother and father, Farsi and Ran. Farsi was laying on the bed, tired and weak and Ran stood by her side. They were two of the first to answer Aang's call to create the New Nomads. Ran was a former Fire Nation Soldier, ashamed of his actions in the war, while Farsi was an Earth Kingdom peasant who lost everything. They both came to Aang seeking a new life and they embraced the teachings of the Air Nomads and each other. They were the shining example of what Aang had hoped to achieve with the New Nomads and now they had a child...

Katara was there too, holding the crying infant in her arms and checking to see if everything was alright. She was a fusion of two cultures – her dress featured traditional elements of both the Water Tribes and the Air Nomads. Water gently floated around the baby in her arms washing the newborn girl clean.

"Katara, can I...?" Aang said, more nervous than when he'd fought Fire Lord Ozai all those years ago.

"No, Aang," she said firmly. Aang's jaw dropped. "Farsi gets to hold her first."

"Right, yeah, of course. Sorry."

"It's okay, Avatar," Farsi said. "Please, go ahead."

"Thank you," Aang said, bowing. "But how many times have I told you to call me Aang?"

Farsi smiled weakly and Ran came to support her. Katara smiled too and brought the baby over to Pathik as the water floated back to a bowl on the cabinet on its own. The Guru took the baby carefully from Katara and the newborn instantly stopped crying in Pathik's hands. Katara retreated and held Aang's hand tightly.

Pathik hummed. The entire room stopped breathing.

It was still for a moment, and then suddenly, a circular blast of air came from the baby, rustling the clothes of everyone in the room and sending some flowers in a vase on the table hurtling across the room.

Aang immediately jumped in the air, screaming at the top of his lungs and laughing loudly. Katara smiled and laughed too and hugged Aang tightly when he finally landed.

Pathik smiled too and returned the baby to Farsi. "Congratulations," he said. "She's beautiful. Does she have a name?"

Farsi cried in happiness as she hugged her child. Ran answered for her. "We're going to call her Diyi."

"A good name," Pathik agreed.

Aang ran into the corridor and out into the courtyard, where dozens of New Nomads were gathered in anticipation as well as the huge form of Appa.

"It's a girl! Diyi!" he yelled with so much excitement he was barely understandable. "And Pathik was right!"

The crowd erupted into cheers as did Appa, who matched them in volume, making a couple of the closer Nomads back off a little bit.

Aang's shouts of happiness were so loud no one misheard them, even over the din that was Appa. "I am NOT the last Airbender!"


Ba Sing Se

Hundreds of miles away, in the great city of Ba Sing Se, an eleven-year-old boy with shock white hair woke with a start. He threw off the covers and ran downstairs. He needed to get outside. He bolted down the stairs of his home, out of the front door and into the street, still in his pajamas.

The deserted street was quiet, and lit only the vast amount of moonlight that spilled down from above. It was full tonight and unusually bright...

The boy looked up, right at the moon, and as he stared he saw the woman begin to appear in the light. She has white hair, just like him, and was wearing flowing regal robes. He'd seen her dozens of times before, ever since he was very small, but she was normally only there for a second. She'd never been this clear before. She looked almost real...

"Liang," the woman said.

She could talk. She knew his name. "Are you...?"

"A spirit? Yes. My name is Yue and I am the spirit of the moon," the woman said. "And I need your help, Liang."

"But... why me?"

"There are only two people in this world I can communicate with and the Avatar won't listen to me. Not with what I have to say to him."

"How can you...?"

"You were born at the exact instant the first moon spirit died – the tiny remnants which survived his death escaped into you. We are spiritually bonded, Liang and now you have to help me."

"But... I'm nobody! I'm just a kid who works in a teashop! I can't even Earthbend!"

"You are one of the most important people in the whole of creation and I need you to save this entire world from collapsing in on itself."

Liang felt his eyes tearing up. This couldn't be real. It had to be a dream. It had to be. "What is it you need me to do?"

"I need you to go to Kyoshi Island. I need you to deliver a message for me."


Somewhere deep within the Fire Nation

"Yue has revealed herself, my Lord," said the man, though his mouth was invisible under his Fire Nation helmet. "The child must have been born."

A strong hand gripped the side of the chair its occupant was sitting in. It was a mockery of the Fire Lord's throne with flames licking the edges of it. "It begins," said the occupant. "I need to visit an old friend and you, Shaoshang, must fetch me the moon."

Shaoshang removed his helmet and smiled like a shark – his teeth were pointed and deadly. "It would be my pleasure, sir."

Production and Inspirations

This chapter was originally intended to be a lot shorter (only the segment in the Western Air Temple was to be in it) and serve as a prologue for the rest of the chapters. However, it was changed as MightyBrit feared that it wasn't engaging enough to make people keep reading.

The entire story started as a campaign for a role-playing game MightyBrit ran for his friends. After the campaign finished, he adopted some of the story and tweaked it to become a full-on fanon for the Avatar Wiki. The Western Air Temple segment of this chapter was the hook to get the players involved in the campaign.

This chapter serves as the introduction for the new characters, Liang and Shaoshang. MightyBrit designed Liang to be a completely normal boy, who discovers he is special and then is thrust into a world he doesn't fully understand - much like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Liang's name comes from the Chinese word, Yueliang, which means the moon, showing his unique connection to Yue and the moon spirit. When designing a villain, MightyBrit decided a normal man as the villain wouldn't be scary or interesting enough, so he gave him pointed, shark-like teeth to make him a little different to all the other Fire Nation soldiers. Shaoshang in Chinese means 'to burn'.

It also features the reintroduction of several characters from the series, but ten years after those events. While most of the characters haven't really changed other than the situation they're in, MightyBrit deliberately gave Zuko more scars. He thought since Zuko's original scar symbolized his internal conflict that he overcame at the end of the original series, his new conflict against the Cult of Sozin should be symbolized by new scars.

Finally, MightyBrit's method of restoring the Air Nomads by a birth is symbolic - the birth of one child signals the rebirth of an entire nation and culture. It was inspired by a quote used in the British election "the fate of the nation does not hinge on a single person." MightyBrit asked himself - "But what if it did?" and the idea took root.


Reviews for the first chapter have been very positive. Evatar114 said it was "amazing," and seasoned author Avatar agreed. Fanon admin Vaznock also had praise for the first chapter. Two of the reviews focused on the way the Air Nomads were restored with PiEman saying it was "very creative and original".

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