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Prologue - Kuruk's Redemption
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Kuruk's Redemption



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Chapter 1: Motivation - Kuruk's Redemption


Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. These are the four elements, divided among four nations. The Avatar must master all four elements, and keep the world in balance.

Twenty Eight year old Avatar Kuruk of the Northern Water Tribe has already done so, and lives in a world free of issues. But the spirits aren't of this world. Kuruk lost the love of his life, Ummi, on his wedding day. She was lost to Koh, the "face-stealer." Kuruk now struggles with himself, for it was his foolishness as Avatar that angered Koh. The turmoil within himself, and towards Koh, has driven him to search the Spirit World for his mortal enemy every year on the anniversary of his wedding.

With the approach of his wedding anniversary, Kuruk is determined to get revenge, and resolve the guilt within himself, no matter what it takes.

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