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A man sat on his throne, waiting in the dark believing, that the news he gets will be positive for him. A terrible pain went through his face. He went over his scar; that deformed his face with his hand. He felt anger and the only thing that was circling his mind was revenge and fear. Fear of his demise that could come true soon...very soon.

He looked beyond the columns that where supporting the throne room. He saw the statues of his ancestors, he felt frightened by being the one that might be the destruction of all of the work his fathers have spent their lives for to accomplish. The sun's glow flashed at the golden throne he was sitting on and he noticed the destroyed city holding millions of injured warriors and civilians behind the walls, all because of his decisions.

The huge door separating the throne room from the rest of the world opened. He saw a messenger with blood coming out of his forehead, so injured that he was close to his death with only a few minutes to left. He ran to the throne, leaving blood trails on the golden floor. The man sitting on the throne thought that the only difference between him and the injured messenger was that he had royal blood flowing through his veins.

"Sir, sir I come with news from the battlefield!!" The injured messenger yelled to the man yet somehow so quiet and filled with pain that you could notice his suffering.

"Yes young man say what you have to say" The deformed man sitting on the throne said to the messenger.

The moment of silence lasted like a thousand years of fear the young man said the words but the man on the throne didn't hear anything. He was afraid, so afraid, and feared that what may come from the mouth of this injured messenger could destroy him forever. "What did you say young man?" The man asked the young messenger again in fear.

"The battle is over my king, we defeated the Avatar...AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" The injured man yelled collapsing on the golden floor in pain.

The king stood up the throne for the first time in hours and ran to the injured messenger. He knelt right next to him and asked him in sadness "What happened to the Avatar?"

the king knew that the injured man will die and with, his last words, the man answered "My king...aaahh..the Avatar is dead....uhhhh....we won your highne-" and in pain and suffering the young messenger died right before the king fulfilling his duty and dying.

The king knew that he had nothing to fear for and that he was the one that came on top of this battle."Guards!!!" The king screamed to the guards that where protecting the entrance to the throne room.

The guards ran to their king "What is it you highness ?" One guard asked the king.

"Take the body of this young man to his family and tell them that he died for his kingdom and his king" The king proclaimed with respect to the young messenger in his voice.

They took the body of the recently deceased young man and took him away from the throne room. The king stood up and looked at the blood that came out of the wounded body of this young man that died almost a minute ago. He knew he had won this battle but that it is not over. He returned to his throne and remembered the thing he had lost because of this war that was started many years ago.

"Honey what's wrong?" His wife came behind the throne surprising him.

"Nothing Laka just..." He knew it is not over and that the Avatar is still alive. Fear suddenly flew through his veins like ice cold water knowing that the Avatar could return and not just leave him deformed and injured but dead head on."I heard the news that Avatar Namma is dead, but you and me know otherwise"

She knew what happens whan an Avatar dies and he knew the same, but one thing they didn't knew is that the Avatar, although they were now dead, a new reincarnation is capable of destroying them for good.

"But you did it my king, you managed to do what your fathers weren't capable of doing..." She stated to the king. He stared at the wall of smoke that had risen above the walls of his city knowing that somewhere among the fire the rotten corpse of his enemy is burning along with the others by her side.

"She is burning my dear, she is no more and now it is your time for revenge!!"

The whole throne room was filled with her confident words for the king.

"The goals of my fathers where so simple, conquer the Earth Kingdom and become the supreme ruler of the continent" He stated now in a confident voice and sure that he will be the one to accomplish that goal.

"What is of Teo now?" The queen asked for news of her son.

"Our traitor son will suffer the same fate as his dead friend!!!" he answered in anger and quickly left the throne room with the sun making his shadow on the statues of the ancestors.

But what they both didn't know somewhere deep in the Earth Kingdom, a baby was being born, a baby that is more powerful than any other person in the world. "How will we name him Jen?" The mother of the newborn asked her husband holding the little baby in her arms. He took his newborn son into his hands,he was so small in the big arms of his father. "We will name him.....KANO" The young father stated not knowing that he just named a person that will change the world forever.

"Kano it is" The mother cried in happiness, holding her little son and in her words promising that she will love him forever. She walked to the other side of the room and gently placed their baby son in the crib. They hugged and kissed happy of becoming parents to a new person. They didn't know what is the fate of their newborn son and what will he become. They didn't know that a legend begins at this very moment,a legend that will change the world's understanding of the Avatar, a legend named KANO.

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