Jet's village burns
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The Legend of Aten



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May 26th, 2012

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Chapter One: Journeys


Screams. That was all Aten could hear through the dense, black smoke. It was thick, far thicker than water or regular air. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't see, all he could rely on was his ears.

"Mother!" he tried to scream, but the air would not let his voice through it. He ran blindly toward his home, tears springing to his eyes as he saw the damage. The flames licked up the side of the brick with its evil tongue. The roof had caved in on one side, and a thick plume of smoke was billowing up through the hole. He stopped running, the screams filling his ears, getting louder and louder, urgency in every note. Then, from the house, they stopped. In their place, Aten could hear another, fainter scream. Help. He began running again, altering his course to take him behind the ruins of his home, onwards to the barn which held his and his little brothers hybrid pigs, and his father's family of ostrich-horses. The smoke was less thick here, although the fire was quickly spreading, jumping from the trees to the grass, and along the fence. The barn was already alight when he got there, the screams from his pigs becoming quieter and quieter as each one perished. He saw a figure stumble out, the long, brown hair marking the person as his mother. He doubled his pace, and met his mother a few metres away from the barn. Her whole body was burnt, badly. She tried to speak, but could barely breath. He rushed over to a nearby water trough and cupped a handful of the cool liquid. Rushing back to his mother, he managed to get a few drops of the liquid down her throat.

"Aten," she gasped. He was shocked to hear how her beautiful, melodious voice had turned into a hoarse, heavy croak.
"Mother! Where is father? Where is Chanming? My brother is he..."Aten was fearful.
"Yes, I'm sorry Aten. I will join them soon. But, I need to tell you something first."
"Don't speak mother, don't waste your energy!" Aten was crying. "I can't lose you too!"
"Don't fear. I will see you again, of that I am sure. But please, Aten, I have no time. Hush, let me tell you this. I named you Aten after the Sun and the Light. If you forget everything about yourself and lose your path, don't forget this; be the Light. Guide people to peace, lead them to truth."

She gasped, and he picked her up and laid her in the trough so she could soothe her burns. Aten turned his eyes towards the now-smouldering barn. His Father, his brother, they were gone. He held little hope that his mother would live through the night, but he remained strong, for her. He went to the barn and retrieved a horse blanket that had somehow been spared the flames, noticing as he did so, that there were three pairs of footprints leading away from the barn, that where too big and heavy to belong to his family. He pushed the growing, and darkening suspicions from his mind, and returned to his mother, where he laid the blanket down on the ground and gently lifted his mother onto it. She let out a small gasp of pain. He apologised to her, and told her that she would be alright, whispering condolences, but never pity. His mother hated pity. Night soon settled, and he stayed by her side, not leaving for food nor water. Throughout the night, she let out small murmurings, but at last, she fell still. Aten felt her leave this world, he saw her spirit leave her body, and find a place in the Spirit World. He prayed to her, and the spirits to protect her soul. Although heavy with loss, he knew what he had to do. He had to avenge his mothers, and his fathers and brothers deaths, and he would do everything to achieve it.

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