Kyoshi and Chin
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The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles





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AvatarHaiLi, Will94



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8 February 2011

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The Prologue of The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles details the death of Chin, and the creation of Kyoshi Island and its' warriors, known as the Kyoshi Warriors. The chapter was written by both AvatarHaiLi and Will94.


On the south east peninsula of the Earth Kingdom, lay the battle of Chin the Conqueror and Avatar Kyoshi. After an immense display of power by Kyoshi, Chin falls to his death when the peninsula splits, and separates from the mainland. Back in the newly named Kyoshi Island, the Avatar proposes an elite team of female warriors. A team, known as the Kyoshi Warriors.


"Kyoshi!" Pao Mo shouted. "Kyoshi has returned!" I walked across the grassy terrain, my small team following in my wake. My fingertips were still tingling from my experience in the Avatar State. Never in my life had such power flowed from me. I had created an island! An island! I was sure that no other Avatar had accomplished that before me. I dragged my large, awkward feet onto the lush garden surrounding my statue. The team that had come with me to conquer Chin stood there too, waiting as the people gathered. As the word spread, the villagers rushed around me and bombarded me with a flurry of questions.

"Avatar! What has happened?" and "what was that quake that shook the ground?" I prepared to answer them, thinking of how I would describe the powerful event I had caused. It would mean a major change for my people. Living on an island is very different from living on a peninsula.

"My friends," I began, taking a deep breath. "You know that Chin the Conqueror came to take our peninsula."

"BOO! BOO!" shouted rambunctious Pao Mo, foam beginning to collect at the corners of his mouth. I saw someone move over to calm him. I was thankful, as a case of Pao Mo's foaming mouth would not make this speech any easier. Clearing my throat, I continued.

"I told you I would not stand for this tyranny. My team and I went to the neck of the peninsula, planning to confine Chin to the land that is rightfully his, and keep him from ours." Oh dear, I thought. I had reached the hard part. "Well, this trip did not quite go according to plan." I glanced back at my team, and Koko gave me a reassuring nod. I summoned up the courage to continue. You fool, I scolded myself. You have the power to separate earth, but are too meek to explain what you have done? The strong, outspoken half of me snapped back. No! Avatar Kyoshi, meek? I am not meek!

"Chin refused to back down. I warned him that he would never invade our land, but he did not heed. As he prepared to launch his army, justice took hold."

"Kyoshi glowed it up! AVATAR STATE ACTION!" Pao Mo shouted. He had shoved his way to the front of the crowd again. I was not in the mood for his antics, but continued anyways.

"Yes, I used "Avatar State Action". Our village is no longer a peninsula. By the power of the four elements, we have separated from the mainland. It will be a harder way of living. There are beasts in this part of the sea, and they will be closer to our shores. We will need to build boats, and establish ways of communication with the rest of the Earth Kingdom."

"But Kyoshi," called out a citizen, outspoken among the rest of the shocked population. "Is it safe to go back to the Earth Kingdom? Isn't Chin still at large?" I suspected that the whole village knew the answer before I gave it.

"Chin is dead. I watched him die, not by my hand, but by his own arrogance. You know that only justice will bring peace. I suppose his army will return to their own land, after some prompting." There was a silence, as the situation sunk in. Muffled whispers subsided, and everyone stood, waiting for the silence to be broken. And who should break it but Pao Mo.

"Whooo!" he shouted, the foam beginning to pour from his mouth. "Chin is dead! We're safe! Par-tay!" The applause started with Pao Mo, but quickly swelled until the whole island had erupted in cheers. The rule of Chin had ended. However, my speech was not yet over. It was a hard decision to continue. The idea I was about to propose would endanger the lives of the people who volunteered.

"This," I shouted over the noise, "Will be the last time Kyoshi is threatened." The noise died down and attention returned to me. "I propose we set up a society of female warriors." As Pao Mo began to jump up and down with excitement, I quickly continued. "This group will be elite, powerful, and loyal. They must have the hearts of warriors, and brave blood. They will protect our island from all invaders, from now onward. This is a great honour, but a great commitment. Only the bravest may join." My daughter, Koko, stepped out from my team behind me.

"I humbly request to join the society you propose." She said, holding her head high and proud. There was a roar of approval from the crowd.

"Thank you." I said. "For accepting my proposal. I am honoured. Do any others wish to join?" I smiled and thanked the eleven other young women who pledged to join the elite team. My island would be safe. I knew it. "Now!" I shouted happily. "I think this calls for a festival!" Pao Mo proposed the name of Kyoshi Island's first official holiday.

"Happy Kyoshi Day!" he told the warriors and I. As the crowd chanted the festival title, one man pushed his way to the front of the crowd and yelled out.

"We have named the island, and the day, but what of the team?" The entire audience stood in silence. Again, my daughter stepped forward.

"Oh," she said smiling. "I think I have an idea."


My warriors continued to protect the island long after my death. They have loyally protected Kyoshi Island for hundreds of years. And when the time came, they would leave the solitude of the island, to protect the world from another great enemy.

I am honoured to tell you the story of my warriors in the Hundred Year War. The story, of the Kyoshi Warriors.


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