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Prologue (The Kyoshi Chronicles)
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The Kyoshi Chronicles


Book 1: Earth

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Chapter 1: The Avatar

Earth State sweeps world with new capital

Today marks the day of the Earth State's rise to supremacy. Avatar Kuruk, fundamentally a waterbender, perished at the age of 87. As tension grew between the four neighboring States over political concern, Avatar Kuruk tried his best in negotiating a fair share of the world's land. But with his death the Earth State made their attack on the Fire State, taking some of the western mainland. Envoys from both States were sent to negotiate land offers but, according to Admiral Nero, the Fire State was hesitant with any negotiations and retaliated violently. The Earth State was left with no choice but to declare war on the Fire State. Soon enough the Air State and Water State joined in the chaos, and suddenly all four States were against each other – it was the birth of the State War. Amidst the attacks and battles the Earth State searched for their rightful Avatar, who, according to the Avatar Cycle, would be an earthbender. Officials were sent out across the state to study the newborns from the period shortly following Kuruk's death. However, their Avatar was never found. The Earth State, in a bid to hold the unknown Avatar within its boundaries, created the Cartana Law. This law, along with the strengthening of our borders, made travel in and out of the Earth State entirely impossible and provided the Earth State with a new security. 'Cartana was primarily made to protect our people,' Nero told us. 'The Avatar, if there is one or not, is no longer a concern to the Earth State. Our main priority is protecting our people and bringing peace to the world.' Not allowing the absence of the Avatar to dishearten the people of the Earth State, the Earth King made an attack on the northern mainland against the Air State. The battle went for two months and finally they won the northwest corner. Here they would set on creating their new capital, Ba Sing Se; preparations were made but the foundations were never laid down as the State War waged on for another decade. Today, however, our new Earth King laid down the first foundation stone and building this monumental city went under way. News of the city's grand size and its engineering feat spread across the Earth State, inspiring support and patriotism among the Earth citizens. The news also spread to the three opposing States and Nero himself told his people that 'the growing walls of Ba Sing Se has helped us in growing fear among our enemies. Once this city is created, the whole world will fear our power and potential.' Ba Sing Se is said to be completed in the next year and whether or not the Earth State's Avatar is here to lend a helping hand in their efforts, the Earth State has certainly made an impact on the world and have definitely expanded their empire across the mainland. With a few more years, Earth could be the number one element on everyone's minds. Read next week's issue to get the full information on the victory at Batna Beach.

Omashu Telegraph, 300

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