Iroh surprised by the flames
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The Hei Bai of The Fire Nation

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January 28, 2012

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Gyatso Arrives


It is dark, so very dark. A man is waiting. He lights the cigar he is holding with his firebending. He waits on a walk among the yew trees. The ash from the cigar drips twice. Then there is a noise. A single twig snaps. The man makes a flame to see if it is the one he is waiting for. What he sees terrifies him. The man begins to run. Behind him, a huge beast is pursuing him. It is large and terrifying and on the whole, resembles a demonic panda. As the man runs for his life, his chest begins to hurt. Before the man can reach the end of the lane, his heart gives out. The beast turns and walks away, its job done for now. In the morning, two people find him.

Sir Iroh is dead.

A search begins for his great-nephew Zuko, as he is next in line. Zuko is quickly located and travels from the Earth Kingdom to claim his family fortune. Gyatso, the town doctor, travels to the capital city to seek out Sokka, the great detective. He fears for Zuko's life. Unfortunately, neither Sokka nor Aang, his assistant are in. Gyatso leaves with his lemur, disappointed. However, Gyatso leaves his staff behind, to be discovered by Sokka the next day.


A little short to keep people's interest, but a good setup for the next chapters. Please leave comments below to tell me what you think.

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