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The Gift



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May 26, 2013

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Chapter 1

He let out a violent cough.

"But sir, your our only hope in the future of our world. You can't leave us!" said the monk beside him.

"I may be healthy...and powerful...but I'm not immortal." the old man in the bed said between the rasps of each breath.

"But the spirits! You said you would talk to them." the monk exclaimed with fear.

"I have...they said it would be best...if the Avatar was not order to learn...about how life really each conflict...the world faces."

"What in the world is to happen then?!"

"They said I would return...somewhere else."

His condition was becoming worse. He was slipping away from reality by the second.

"Champo...You have been a great student..." the Avatar said. "And a great friend...I want be the next Head Monk..for the Northern Air Temple."

The other monks on the council frowned in jealousy, but they could tell that it was no time to argue.

"Goodbye, Champo," the Avatar said.

Tears started swelling up in his eyes.

"Goodbye, Tenzin," Champo said.

And with that, the first Avatar gave out his last breath.

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